Bodybuilding Tips That Will Bring Results Faster
Monday, 12 August 2019

Developing a perfect bodybuilding workout program can be stressful. You have to put into plan how many days a week you will work out, find out the type of exercises that suit your body, create time for rests, and the list goes on. Therefore, you need a sound guide on how to build your muscles faster.

Increase the Weights over Time

You can only build muscles quickly if you focus on lifting more weight over workout period. You might be doing everything right, but if you’re not lifting heavier weights in a few weeks, you’ll not gain as much muscle as you might want.

Don’t Push the Work out to Failure

Even when you are trying to go beyond your comfort zone, heed to the rule of failure. Don’t lift every set to failure. You won’t build your muscles if you fully exhaust them during workouts. The danger of tiring muscles, apart from being ineffective in the subsequent exercises, is that it might drain the Central Nervous System and cause failure to lift the weights you are used to. To keep your workout constructive, go a few steps short of failure, and allow your body to work at a healthy intensity level.

Find Exercises That Involve at Least Two Muscles at a Time

Compound exercises can help you manage the little time you have at the gym. Do not waste time on training that works one muscle. The barbell curl, for example, only involves the biceps while the leg curls only involve the hamstring. Most instructors recommend workouts that work at least two groups of muscles. The bench press, for instance, works the shoulders, triceps, the chest and the biceps to a degree. Squats engage the hamstrings and the quads. These types of workouts give you the best results for the energy used, if you want best results visit FitlyLab for more details.
Try New Exercises

During your regular training, you will reach a point where you feel like you are not gaining any muscle. This is a plateau phase. The stagnation hits everyone. Be smart and avoid it because it wastes gym time and energy. Your program should have changes every two weeks. The difference can be from the type of exercises you perform, the order in which you play the workouts or the amount of rest you take. With that, you will get the results you want consistently.

Remember to Rest

Do not make the mistake of pushing the workouts too far without rest. Recovery doesn’t necessarily mean going for hours without doing anything; you can take a light walk, a swim or a jog. Your program should include a day off between weight lifting exercises. In the days of rest, however, push your body to do other harder activities to create some progress. This will prevent your muscles from breaking down and getting weaker.

Fuel Your Body Properly

Your nutrition is as vital as your workout program. Create a proper plan by having your meals in the right amounts and time. Have the right diet before and after a workout. You need to consume enough amino acids for your body to synthesize new muscles and carbohydrates to give you enough energy for the exercise. All meals should also meet your body’s need for macronutrients and calories. Vitamins and other supplements are essential for healthy recovery. Super Greens supplements are some of the best sources of nutrients.

If you follow these tips, you will be on your way to a healthy and quick muscle building journey. The right balance will see your body transform into the desired physique without much struggle in the gym.
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