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How to Train to Boxing
Friday, 30 April 2021

For boxer training, great discipline is required, since many parts of the body must be exercised, muscle and strength must be increased, a strict diet must be followed and daily skills must be improved. Boxing is a hard sport as you can see, but with your dedication and patience, you will become a good boxer and even a professional if you propose because you just have to sign up for a gym, get a sparring and practice your strokes. In a how we bring you this guide for beginners with which you will learn how to train for boxing.

Make running

First of all, to start training boxing it is important to acquire a good physical condition, so running every morning can keep you in shape. However, at the beginning choose to run for half an hour and then gradually increase the duration of this exercise to reach an hour every day.

Perform weight lifting

In the second place, you have to do weight lifting 5 days a week to gain muscle mass, something essential in boxing. You just have to spend 15 minutes each day and you can do it alone or accompanied. Also keep in mind that lifting a lot of weight while performing few repetitions allows you to acquire a lot of strength, but doing a high number of repetitions using a more moderate weight increases the muscle size. Before starting to lift weights, consult this article to learn how to lift weights correctly and without risking injury.

Keep a healthy diet

Regarding the proper diet to be a good boxer you should opt for a protein-rich, as these protect and restore muscles and provide additional energy that complements the muscles. Among these foods are eggs, beef and chicken, keep in mind that proteins should represent 40% of the diet of a professional of this sport.
You must also reduce the level of calories consumed daily and drink large amounts of water to hydrate and prevent the muscles from weakening. On the other hand, it tries to eliminate processed and fried foods, as well as foods or drinks with high sugar levels.

Hit a punching bag

Then get a punching bag to practice the blows for half an hour each day, following the rhythm of the music that you put in the background. But if you do not have space at home you can register in a gym to train the blows there, where you can also practice with other colleagues who can also ask you to help by holding the bag if necessary. Proper fitness exercise will help you to gain strong muscle.

Do push-ups and sit-ups

For boxer training, you will need to do a minimum of 50 push-ups a day to develop triceps and Pecs. You also have to do other types of exercises, like the abdominals, which will increase your strength and endurance to withstand the blows that they give you in that area. For this, the indicated thing is to do a minimum of 50 and a maximum of 100 abdominals daily. On the other hand, a training bench would allow you to strengthen much of the musculature, such as the shoulders. You can also improve your agility with the help of shadow boxing bands.

Practice with an adversary

Finally, to train boxing it is appropriate to have an opponent with whom to practice, that is, a sparring. For this, he practices the boxing blows against him, which will be covered but will also attack you while on the move. In this way and unlike the use of a punching bag, you will be well prepared for a real fight.
If you want to read more articles similar to boxing and getting all boxing related equipments, we recommend you to enter Bestreviewsguides. Hope you will find some useful tips about boxing.Using a sit-up bench can increase intensity so you can get more out of your training, however this adds equipment.


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