Is CLA Safflower Oil Good for Weight Loss?
Friday, 04 May 2018

CLA has gained significant popularity and attention in the fitness world and is also growing in popularity among people looking to lose weight, bodybuilders and gym-goers. You might have heard about CLA, and you may be wondering how it has a connection to weight loss.



 CLA, which stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acid, forms a part of the omega family associated with fatty acids. More specifically, CLA is a combination of a minimum of 28 geometric and positional isomers of what is known as linoleic acid, which is known as one of the essential Omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids. The essential fatty-acids are not produced inside the human body and are required through your diet.

CLA offers a sequence of functions inside the body and its consumption is needed for normal energy and food metabolism as well as to achieve or maintain a nutritional status that is healthy. CLA is found in a number of common food types which are derived from the animal products which include dairy and meat. However, the significant increase in interests in CLA supplements has emerged in association to its health and weight loss benefits. 

CLA For Increased Metabolic Rate And Weight Loss

One of the primary reasons that CLA has become so popular is that it has a link to weight loss. It is suggested that using a CLA supplement can assist in increasing weight loss and decreasing body fat in association to various biochemical reactions which act on increasing basal-metabolic rate. The basal-metabolic rate involves the minimum energy amount the body needs in order to function, and when BMR increases it will mean more calories will be burned in order for your body to function.

CLA is also involved in various metabolic reactions which regulate the fat tissues inside the body. It is suggested that when increasing BMR, CLA acts on altering the muscle to fat ratio in the body and increases the energy expenditure. 

Effects of CLA in regard to weight-loss have been seen the most in overweight individuals. One study that investigated a long-term supplementation over a period of 2 years in 134 participants that discovered that CLA has the ability to decrease fat mass in the bodies of overweight people and assists in maintaining the initial decreases in weight over the long run. 

2. Improved Muscle Growth

Over and above the reduction of fat percentage in the body, the reduction in weight overall is in most cases not observed. The reason for this is that CLA has been discovered to increase fat to muscle ratio in an effective way and acts on enhancing growth of the lean-muscle mass. Because the muscles become metabolically active, the increase in the lean muscle mass translates into the body burning more calories when at rest. 

3. Lowers Blood Glucose Levels And Cholesterol

According to Norman’s review, CLA supplementation is associated with many other types of health benefits. One of the examples, is that CLA was discovered to assist in reducing insulin sensitivity, blood-glucose levels and blood pressure which in turn decreases the risk of cardiovascular and atherosclerosis disease. 

A meta-analysis conducted on humans discovered that CLA has the ability to increase the use of stored fat into energy. CLA is also associated with assisting in the prevention of heart disease. It also acts as an antioxidant via isomer-specific mechanisms that lower insulin sensitivity and blood pressure. 

4. CLA Supports The Immune System

When exercising and dieting regularly, the body has the ability to run down which means it can become more prone to certain illnesses. When supplementing with CLA, it has the capabilities of boosting the immune-system. In a number of studies, CLA has been proven to increase the immune-system responses and is said to act on preventing catabolic effects of a person’s immune system in stages of illness. 

CLA Sources

CLA is found in various foods that you already regularly consume, especially in the animal products that include dairy and meat products. However, if you are looking to achieve optimal benefits of CLA, the percentage that you consume through your diet is not always enough. CLA in supplement form which comes in capsules and tablets is easy to add into your training regime and diet plan. 

When To Take CLA Supplements And How Much

If you are looking to reduce body fat a dosage of between 1.8g and 7g is recommended daily. For the best results, it is suggested to use 2 soft gels with meals one to three times a day. 


CLA consumption will not guarantee that you will lose weight, but when you combine this supplement with a healthy exercise regime and good diet, CLA can assist in helping you to effectively decrease body fat and at the same time helping you to build lean-muscle mass. CLA is found in many dietary sources, but to ensure you are consuming enough, CLA supplements can assist you in your specific fat-loss goals.

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