Online Yoga With Glo Is A Fun And Flexible Way To Get In Shape For The New Year

If your new year’s resolution is to get in shape, then online yoga is a great way to do it. You may have made this resolution countless times only to realize that you either don’t have the time or desire to stick with a fitness program. When you work or go to school full-time, it can be hard to get to the gym or go for a run after a long day.

Glo Provides An Easy Way To Exercise

There is a way to get fit and healthy in the privacy of your own home. Glo is the premier provider of online yoga programs that actually work. This unique way of teaching allows you to practice yoga at your own pace. When you sign up for a monthly subscription, you get unlimited access to courses led by yoga, pilates and meditation experts who love what they do. You’ll also get resources and support that will help you achieve a balanced mind and body.

Why Glo?

Glo’s mission is to support its members in their journey for self-fulfillment and wellness and to provide the tools to help them along the way. The company was founded in 2007 by two brothers, Ryan and Derik Mills in Santa Monica, California. The brothers created the company to promote embracing life to its fullest through the practice of yoga. The online yoga platform has become a life-changing force for many of its members.

Yoga To Rebuild Strength

One of the best ways to get back into shape is through strength training. Yoga is an excellent low-impact way to rebuild your core and to increase your stamina. Glo has an extensive selection of online classes at all levels of abilities. You can start out slowly with the beginner’s courses and move up at your own pace when you’re ready.

Targeted Core Strength

This class focuses on creating balance through directed yoga practices. When your body is in balance, the ability to build your foundation flows freely. This course focuses on these yoga moves: plank, navasana and shalabhasana.

Happy, Strong Legs

The foundation of a solid stance is your legs, and that’s why this course is important when you’re building strength. By using easy exercises like lunges and dips, your calves and quads will get the workout they’ve been missing.

Upper Body Endurance

This yoga course will give you a high-intensity work out for your upper body strength. The class incorporates a hybrid of cardio, yoga, breathing and strength-training to engage all of the muscles of your upper body.

More Member Benefits

When you sign up with Glo, not only do you get on-demand access to a variety of great instructor-led classes, but there are other benefits too. You can quickly customize and track your courses, which makes it easy to find your favorites. You’ll have access to Glo’s informative and entertaining blog that covers stress management, yoga practices and discussions on healing. You’ll be amazed at how online yoga can transform your life all from the comfort of your own private space.
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