What are the Best Exercises for Improved Flexibility?
Monday, 26 February 2018

So you’re thinking that you want to become more flexible, in terms of your body not your life! Before you simply reach for your gym day pass and head off to train it’s probably wise that you have a little focus as to which direction your training should be headed. He we look at the best exercises for improved flexibility, so sit back, relax, have a read, and then grab that gym pass and get started!

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If you think that whilst standing upright, the only part of your body that’ll manage to touch the floor is your feet, then don’t worry there is hope. How you exercise, combined with nutrition and lifestyle can greatly affect your flexibility.
If you’re unconvinced as to the need to be “bendy”, then consider this. Being more flexible avoids more injuries, and injuries halt training. Flexibility also assists when it comes to the size, strength and definition of your body. It also allows you to train harder and smarter too – so now you’re interested, right?


Before you think that all this stretching takes time, just keep reminding yourself of the benefits and motivational goals. Pre-workout, focus on dynamic stretches like squats and lunges, press-ups etc. They’ll get you warm and moreover ready!


This is the time for longer held, static based stretching but remember to focus on the whole body, not just the legs. These stretches lengthen the muscles you used in your workouts and can help recovery and avoid stiffness too. Aim to hold stretches for 30 seconds minimum at a time.

Whole Body

You train the whole body (or do you avoid leg day?). So you need to focus on your whole body and full ranges of motion in your stretches. Don’t make the same mistake that certain body-builders make and give all their attention to the same area – get all your body stretched over the course of every week.


How to Exercise for Suppleness? | Best Gym Tips

It gets better still! Use massage as a way to remove knots and tightness of the muscles.


The world was created in 6 days, and on day 7 there was rest. Your body needs rest too, to repair, recuperate and grow. Your mind also needs to relax and even the best gyms are not always that relaxing.


If someone told you that you’d been breathing wrong all your life, you may raise an eyebrow. But it may be true. Whilst you have survived, you haven’t thrived. Learn to breathe from your belly.


How to Exercise for Suppleness? | Best Gym Tips

Dehydration is dangerous for muscles, so ensure that your body is well watered at all times!
We as individuals are all different, with a different range of movement. Remember it isn’t a competition, only an attempt to improve your range as you develop better flexibility. You’ll notice that one side may already be more flexible, so focus on the other too. But don’t beat yourself up, even the smallest increments of improvement are progression to better flexibility and the benefits that brings.
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