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4 Secrets To The Most Delicious Sandwich
Friday, 26 March 2021

The history of a sandwich is intriguing. Its origins are based within the 18th Century, created by a gentleman by the name of John Montagu who was the fourth Earl of Sandwich. He was a known gambler who was said to have invented the sandwich to limit needing to get up from his gambling table. So, the sandwich was born.

I mention this as there has been much debate since its creation, over the ideal fillings for bread. The debate lies within sweet vs savory, ingredients, sauces, and even bread choices. Who knew it would be such a topic of discussion!

Sweet vs Savory

Sandwiches are perhaps the most versatile food as countries and customs have personalized them to suit their needs. While Americans favor a peanut butter sandwich with jelly (otherwise known as a PB&J), the British created a chip butty (french fries sandwiched between buttered bread). While these are more traditional examples, variations of the sandwich exist across the world. China is known for bao, which are steamed buns that generally contain a meat filling. However, China is also known for its fruit and cream-filled sandwiches. When deciding on sweet or savory, we have to admit that savory is most likely to triumph and so would be the best and most obvious choice.

Bread Choices

From sourdough to rye, baguettes to tiger bread and olive bread.... - oops I was dreaming of bread. The point is, bread is the vessel to contain your combination of ingredients. Choosing the right flavor and texture of the bread is vital in enhancing the sandwich eating experience. Could you imagine a grilled cheese sandwich with a baguette? Or a PB&J on a flatbread? The combination just wouldn’t work. The point I’m trying to make is that your choice of bread is significant in the process of creating a delicious sandwich, don’t overlook it!

Sauces and Fillings

While they’re two entirely separate entities, the sauces and fillings of your sandwich need to have unison. There are some iconic sauces that help to make a sandwich the most delicious it can be. What comes to mind here is the Shake Shack cheese sauce for burgers or the HP sandwich sauce for bacon sandwiches. The reason these sauces work is because they compliment the sandwich fillings in a way that enhances their flavor. The outcome is that it leaves you wanting more - the mark of an excellent sandwich. The key to making the most delicious sandwich is experimenting to find out which fillings complement certain sauces.

The Most Delicious Sandwich

With the variety of options on offer, the most delicious sandwich is obvious. It’s whatever you like the most! As cliche as that is, there is no way to create a sandwich that is truly delicious to every person, though the most popular is likely to be a grilled cheese. Either way, with all the combinations of bread and filling, the variety is endless.
If you were to choose, what would the most delicious sandwich be?
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