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Scents That Can Change Your Mood
Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Scientists suggest the quickest way to alter mood or emotion is with scents. They discovered that specific fragrances can suppress appetite, reduce stress and anxiety, induce happiness, help you get a good night's sleep, keep you awake and alert, and even increase romantic desire. That’s why if you have bad mood try some of these scents. Smelling them can actually change your mood for the better.

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1. If you’re feeling: sad or down
Take a whiff of: baked goods, like cake or cookies.
The sweet aromas will bring back happy memories (like cooking with Grammy!), which will help elevate your mood.
We advice: Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake Shower Gel, it can help!

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2. If you’re feeling: lonely or scared
Take a whiff of: baby powder.
It has a comforting effect.
We advice: BELLI BABY Pamper Me Talc Free Powder.

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3. If you’re feeling: confused.
Take a whiff of: jasmine.
This floral scent will help you focus.
We advice: All That Jasmine Bath Bomb by LUSH.

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4. If you’re feeling: anxious or stressed
Take a whiff of: green apple or cucumber.
Both will help calm and settle your mind.
We advice: Caswell-Massey - Cucumber Hand & Body Emulsion.

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5. If you’re feeling: sleepless.
Take a whiff of: vanilla.
Its soothing scent will help you unwind and relax quickly.
We advice: Vanilla Body Lotion by Ligne St. Barth.

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6. If you’re feeling: lethargic or tired
Take a whiff of: peppermint or cinnamon
They’ll give you energy!
We advice: Caipirinha Peppermint Organic Body Scrub by Uhma Nagri

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