5 Tips for Your First Date
Tuesday, 19 June 2018

First date is the most important date. But you probably already know it. What you might not know is how make a perfect first date. In order for your first date to be successful you need to act smartly. The key to success is in careful, thorough, and attentive preparation. Be ready in advance and you will guarantee your own success.

 You need to look good, be funny, interesting, and communicate successfully. You should also be patient and do not expect much from the first date. Expecting too much is, perhaps, the most common first date mistake. Visit this Russian dating site in case you have trouble finding somebody to date. Read the following info to how to make everything right on your first date.


You cannot afford to neglect how you look on a first date. You might be able to do it on your tenth or fifth date. But never ever do it on your first or second date. It may even be better not to do it at all, though it is certainly impossible to always look good. Shave and bath, visit a barber, buy yourself new perfume, and dress properly. Ask your friends what suits you best. Consider buying some new clothes and shoes for the occasion. In general, look as good as you can. But don’t overdo it because modern fashion is casual in its nature. Don’t dress like you’re going to opera but, rather, have some style and show that you feel like you look good.


On your first date you should keep a delicate balance between talking and listening. A successful first date will give both partners a chance to talk and will require them both to listen. Your attitude should express confidence and you should also be interested in your partner. Be polite and respectful because you and your dating partner are practically strangers. Don’t judge and don’t get offended easily. Maintain some distance but be ready to open up.


Patience is a key when it comes to a successful first date. Those who don’t expect much usually get everything they want. On the contrary, you won’t be able to hide your desire. Therefore, it is better not to have one because, come on, it is only your first date. Patience is a surely a virtue and all things come to those who can wait.

Back Up

Just in case you should always have a place to invite your dating partner to. You should have time and be ready to spend as much time as will be required for you to spend. Don’t think that you can schedule a successful date. Perhaps, you and your dating partner end up enjoying the sunrise somewhere in the city center’s park. You just don’t know, therefore, be ready for everything. Have time, means, and desire to do whatever it takes to make a date successful.


Sitting in front of each other in a restaurant? Drinking or eating? Sound boring because it has been made millions of times. How about something different? Consider a boat ride or visit a carnival, a festival, a fair and a concert. Do something exciting like going to a gallery, listening to live music, playing billiards, tennis, etc. This will be much more interesting and you still will be able to communicate. Otherwise you might find it difficult to constantly talk for hours. Have something original to do in order for your date to be active and dynamic.

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