5 Ways to Make Vaping As Safe As Possible
Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Vaping has become a safer and more popular alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes because it does not contain the many toxic residues that the smoke has. When a person starts vaping, water vapor enters and exits the lungs as the individual inhales and exhales. The vapor is made by an electric device called vaporizer, or e-cigarette.

This smoker's alternative has been on the market for the last ten years or so and has gained more and more followers each day.In fact you can find a wide assortment of vape pens at any good online headshop.


What's inside?

The liquid used inside e-cigarettes is commonly referred to as e-liquid, e-juice, tobacco e-juice. It can come in many different flavors, and it can also be found nicotine free.

The device turns the liquid into vapor, so the person gets the feeling of using a regular cigarette and smoking. But since the substance that is inhaled is not smoke, users prefer to say "vaping." The E-liquid is made of propylene glycol, glycerin, and natural or artificial flavors.

Vaping vs. smoking.

There are many areas in which vaping are a lot better than smoking, be it a cigarette or a glass bong:

Lung, mouth, pharynx, and larynx cancer are directly related to smoking, on the contrary, vaping is not associated with these diseases since there is no combustion and no tar to be accumulated.

Most people that want to feel and get healthier have to stop smoking as an obligatory measure, vapers report that after switching to vaping they felt healthier already.

Cigarettes contain more than 70 toxic elements while vaping hasn't been linked to the production of any of these.

Rule #1 for a safer vape: control the temperature.

The temperature of the electronic cigarette can be controlled in order to generate more or less vapor, the key is to keep it low. High temperatures produce more chemical reactions and therefore unleash a toxin called formaldehyde. Apparently, this rule is easy to follow since when the e-cigarette reaches high temperatures the taste of the vape starts feeling weird and it is easy to recognize the temperature has risen too much.

Rule #2: Use less nicotine.

Vaping has evolved enough to have an array of options for its users. Some of the presentations of the tobacco e-juice have no added nicotine. This way your body will get used to getting lower doses of this stimulant, and the withdrawal symptoms will not be too hard.

Rule #3: Don't dry burn the coils.

That is to say, don't press fire without a wick inserted in the coil, or without e-liquid. The risk here is to increase the exposure of metal by dry-burning the coil. Although it hasn't been studied thoroughly, experts recommend avoiding this practice since it is not necessary for the correct functioning of the e-cigarette.

Rule #4: Don't puff too much.

We know it looks cool to make some vapor shapes and perfect circles. But, remember vaping emerged as an alternative for smokers, so it should be used just as if you were having a smoke. It is not a show. Inhaling more vapor also means that your body is absorbing more e-liquid and therefore more chemicals. Although vaping is a lot safer than smoking, every substance becomes harmful when people abused them.

Rule #5: Don't inhale.

This may seem hard to get, even though vaping is 95% less dangerous than smoking. There is still a 5 % of harm that scientists are trying to identify and control. This 5 % could be associated with vapor coming into your lungs, and just to make sure we are on the safest side it is better just to keep the vapor in your mouth and later let it go slowly. If you are using nicotine liquid, it will be absorbed through the mucosa of the mouth, so you will feel the effects without exposing your lungs to the vapor.

These rules are just meant to give you an idea of how to make your vaping experience safer and more enjoyable. Remember vaping was meant to be an alternative to smokers, if you do not smoke it is better to stay away from any of these devices. If you don’t smoke at all, then keep yourself away from any of these.

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