Behind Borders: Dating A Foreign Woman Online
Friday, 11 May 2018

Some might say dating is successful only if both of your couple are maintaining tactile contact and see each other every day. Is it true though? How difficult is it to be sure in someone’s loyalty if they are hundred miles away?Imagine a situation where you randomly found a girl online and happened to fall in love with her. She is beautiful, smart, cute, and has a heart of gold. But one thing still bothers you – this woman of your dream is really far away. Not just in another city, but far further, let’s say, in a foreign country. Imagine you don’t have a Visa or an opportunity to meet her in real life. Will this relationship be a bop or a flop?

 Pros of online dating:

1. You Don’t Get On Each Other’s Nerves.

Every meeting, even on Skype, is a genuine success. People are like gears in a machine – they work perfectly when still remain untouched. If they work too close together, the apparatus might break and both of the gears might loosen up. This happens when you get to see each other every day without having an opportunity to have a rest. However, each meeting will be a whapping dream only of your relationship is built on interest, feelings, mutual obligations and promises.

2. More Romance And Affiliation.

If you see each other once in a month, that is going to be a whole holiday celebration.When you live with your girlfriend, you often get that sudden sad feeling that your passion is flowing away. A rare meeting is an awaited date you will never forget. Romance kicks in and you are lost for words to say how much you appreciate this person and how you missed her.

3. You Always Have Topics To Discuss.

Sometimes it is easier to Google a random thing and start discussing it – a luxury you don’t have when you talk to each other daily in real life. You can even appear a lot smarter, providing your girlfriend with much needed proofs of what you’ve just said. But this is a way of deceiving, too. Don’t be too carried away with appearing so smart and chitchatting while in reality you are a boring and anxious person.

4. You Don’t Get Hit By Routine

Why women get bored most? Because of endless everyday obligations, when you have to sort out all the checks, payments, cash, food, cleaning stuff, it is getting on your nerves. At the end, both of the members of your mini-family meet with some unbearable collisions, and they are rarely pleasant. By minimizing your co-existence, you can save the romance together with the feeling of perfection and complete understanding.

However, online dating with a foreign girlfriend comes with a list of cons:

1. There Is No Trust.

Even if both of you are in love with each other, you can’t guarantee your girl is not living her best life in the club with a bunch of hot guys. People are complicated creatures, and loyalty is complicated when you miss out on each other’s lives.

2. Rides Are Expensive.

Sometimes you just don’t have time or money to attend each other’s houses once in a week. Even buying a ticket can be a huge struggle. This love is built on uncertainty and favors.

3. There Is No Tactile Contact.

Say any excuse you want, but people need to touch and feel each other. Adult need to have sex sometimes, too, you know. The absence of these things are very serious and can lead to unexpected outcomes.

4. Love Is To Fade Away.

Eventually, when both of you are sick and tired of these relationships, love will fade away. This is a tricky path where you are your girlfriend will feel depressed and empty inside, after which you may unite with a person who is closer and better. Life is life after all. To conclude, relationships are unexpected whether you live together or far away.There is nothing to fear if you have connection. All the problems are curable with a help of a good conversation or a new partner. Let’s be wiser and stronger! If you want to fall in love or at least find a splendid interlocutor and partner, visit


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Albert Einstein

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