FWB Relationship Tips to Keep It Just Casual
Tuesday, 14 November 2017

For many, friends with benefits maybe the best option for it provides free sex and no commitments. However, sometimes complications arise because one person will demand more than what this type of relationship allows. It is always best to make each other aware of intentions clear from the beginning. And this is a FWB relationship.

Why FWB becomes complicated?


Romantic expectations

A good beginning is to clarify what the relationship is and is not from the start. Although some people using FWB sites to find cheap phone sex partners, others might expect that a romance will blossom later on.

Set some ground rules

Beyond clarifying what the relationship involves, it is also worth setting some ground rules. Failure to set rules or limitations is the cause of future complications.

Clarify sexual arrangement

The purpose of the arrangement is sex, so be on the safe side. Safer sex precautions are getting tested for STIs, using appropriate condoms, etc.

Establish sleeping over rules

Provide rules to follow over sleeping over like: the number of times in a week and your manner of greeting in public places as no public display of affection.

FWB relationships need communication

Partners must communicate everything relating to ground rules at the very beginning. Communication guarantees that the partners approach their relationships with real life expectations.

So here are 10 tips to keep it casual.

Tip #1: A realistic attitude that a clean break is possible to happen as relationship has endings. Always be aware that the relationship is temporary.

Tip #2: FWB arrangement is not part of your life as relationship is purely for sexual enjoyment and exploration.

Tip #3: Each partner is free to do whatever he/she wants outside of the time they are together. Expect to have your own time, social life, friends etc. You must practice safe sex.

Tip #4: Remember that there is no commitment so go on with your life. Keep your options open and keep yourself in the FWB dating market.

Tip #5: If you want friends, connect with real friends and find a boyfriend if you want one.

Tip #6: There’s no drama or emotional problems in a FWB arrangement. FWB relationships are just for fun, easy, and flirtatious. Do not allow any emotions to enter as no drama is involved when arrangement was made. Similarly, there will be no arguments or expecting anything more from each other.

Tip #7: Choose a partner who does not pressure you with demands, does not get jealous or one who is a trouble-magnet.

Tip #8: Be as sexy as possible. Maintain great fitness habits and great grooming habits. Even if it is a casual relationship, present your sexiest self to maintain mutual excitement of a FWB arrangement.

Tip #9: Make sure you are both sexually satisfied. FWB relationship is basically for satisfying sexual experience, you have to make it worth making your pleasure a priority.

Tip #10: The relation is for sexual pleasure and exploration only. Allow full sexual freedom by getting loose and explore your sexual desires and fantasies without inhibition.

Follow these tips and fulfill a healthy casual relationship. After all sex is the name of the game!


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