MatchOver50 - Could This Be the New Tinder for Those Over 50?
Monday, 13 November 2017

Are you over 50? Back in the days gone by, you would most likely meet Mr. Right or Ms. Perfect in college, in a bar or in a party. You probably found one, and it turned out that they were not so right or perfect after all.

Well, never mind, it’s not yet time to hang your boots – there is every reason to give love another chance, with online dating services for a mature audience.

Tinder Over 50

One over 50 dating site which is specifically targeted for the over 50 crowd that you will probably like is MatchOver50 . It was formerly called as TinderOver50, which I believe is a better name for the service, as that’s what it does – it works in the same manner as the Tinder app, but for mature singles or singles over 50.

No one under the age of 30 is allowed to become a member of MatchOver50. This is an iron clad rule and there is no getting around it.

That’s really good, because ultimately most singles want to be with other singles of their age. We all want to be with those with whom we have more in common.

While there is nothing wrong with a 55-year old man dating a 20 year old college student, the fact is such relationships generally do not work and are full of inherent complications. Besides, they make everyone uncomfortable!


Find Singles in Your Age Group:

That’s why, most older singles look to be with other singles in their age group. Also, as people get older, their idea of physical attraction changes – a 46-year old interior designer would be bored by a 22-year old recent graduate trying to get her attention. But she would very much be interested in a 63-year old single man, who has retired after 40 years working in a Fortune 500 company.


After all, older singles have seen the world, they have accomplished so much in their lives, and yes, most of them are rich, very much capable of providing for themselves. This makes them highly attractive as potential partners.

Easy to Use:

What I like the most about this online dating site is that it is easy to navigate and you will only find singles who are serious about finding love and settling down with someone special. You can reach out to anyone you like quickly with the Instant Messenger, which make the chatting and the communication really smooth.


This site is strictly for those who are looking for a serious relationship, and certainly not for you if all you want is a quick hook up. This is NOT Tinder after all!

Sign Up for FREE:

Everyone who signs up for this dating goes through a detailed profile verification where proof of ID is asked for. So you can be sure that you’re going to meet real people, not bots, and certainly not someone who is trying to take advantage of you.

Everyone at MatchOver50 wants the same thing that you’re looking for – love, relationship and companionship.

Now, let’s talk about the cost of membership. The basic membership is FREE. But if you want to unlock all the features, then the 1 month plan costs $29.95, the 3 months plan costs $59.95 and the 6 months plan costs $95.95. That’s not really much!


Hope you liked this MatchOver50 review! Why don’t you join this online dating site? Who knows, Ms. Perfect or Mr. Right might just be a click away!

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