Toxic Relationships: Signs of a Bad Relationship
Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Some people just can’t stand the thought of being alone. Rather than face this prospect they are quite prepared to go through the motions of being ‘an item,’ even when said relationship is showing the tell-tale signs of being toxic. But it can’t be overemphasised how destructive a bad relationship can be for your physical and mental health. If you are in a toxic relationship it’s high time to get out. Not sooner rather than later. Now. If you are unsure whether or not your own experience might be described as toxic here are some of the classic symptoms to look out for.

Are you always scared about offending?

There is a saying about having to walk on eggshells, and when this activity can be applied to a relationship then this is a classic indication it has gone bad. If you are worried about seeing or doing the wrong thing because it is highly unlikely of provoking a disproportionately negative reaction, you have to ask yourself questions. Why is it that something you might consider fairly innocuous is having such a provocative effect on your partner? There are obviously far more deep-rooted aspects at play than whatever is going through their head at this moment in time. Whatever the source of their inarticulacy, it is not conducive to a healthy partnership.

There are many degrees of this type of behaviour. Perhaps your partner will always jump down your throat, and is no longer capable of exchanging pleasantries with you. But be under no illusions. This is just the thin end of a wedge, at the far end of which lurks the infintely more sinister possibilty of domestic abuse. It’s one thing to be concerned about mentioning the wrong thing that will cause your partner to have an argumentative and bad-tempered outburst. But if this sort of behaviour is left unchecked then it can lead to consistent mental undermining which can only be described as bullying. It’s a a form of the abuse, and can lead to out and out physical violence which is so beyond the boundaries of what is healthy for a relationship that it is no wonder it is a criminal defence.

You can’t have civil discussions

Whether you originally hooked-up via internet dating or you met in a bar, there are certain relationship constants. While it might may you superficially happy, it is unnatural to coast along without any friction. You are bound to have disagreements: these are what any healthy proactive partnership is all about.

Open communication is important at all times in a relationship because this is how any differences can get ironed-out amicably. But when any relationship has arrived at the point where these exchanges can no longer take place in a constructive atmosphere, frequently descending into meaningless slanging matches, this indicates there are far more serious issues at play than some minor disagreement.

If your partner is belligerent all the time, this is a classic indication they are no longer happy in this relationship and are projecting this anger and frustration onto you at every opportunity. When your relationship reaches a point that neither of you is focused on acting rationally anymore, then this is another indication that you are mired in a toxic relationship.

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