5 Video Game Streaming Platforms You Could Make Money From
Tuesday, 23 June 2020

 Do you remember being told that you'd never make money from playing video games while you were growing up? It was a constant argument that many young people used to have with their parents. The adults in the house wanted the children to focus on their homework, but the children were far more interested in their PlayStation. Parents used to despair that video games weren't teaching their children anything and wouldn't set them up for a career, but kids are having the last laugh. As we now know, plenty of people all over the world earn huge amounts of money by playing video games online and allowing other people to watch. 

 The game streaming industry is huge and gets a little larger each day. It's a highly competitive world, and it can sometimes be difficult for new players to find a gap in the market, but it's still possible. All you need is a personality that people can engage with, and a high-level skill (or possibly even an amusing lack of skill) at playing one or two popular games. Once you've got that sorted and you've found an audience, sponsorships and advertising revenue will start rolling in. 

How do you do it, though? How do you start making money from playing games on the internet? If we stuck to the broadest definition of the word 'gaming,' we might consider suggesting online slots websites and casinos. Some of the richest players in the world don't play any games other than the virtual poker tournaments and competitions they can find at those UK slots websites, and that's more than enough for them. We appreciate that it isn't for everybody, though. Success at gambling is never guaranteed - especially with the randomness of online slots - and not everyone can be great at poker. If you'd rather try to accumulate wealth using your traditional video gaming skills, here are five platforms we think you should check out!

InstaGib TV

You probably haven’t heard of InstaGib TV - and that’s exactly why you should check it out. Breaking through and finding an audience on one of the bigger-name channels is difficult because there are so many users. Your potential audience on InstaGib might be smaller, but a small, loyal band of followers can still be lucrative. One of the most appealing features of IntaGib as a platform is that you don’t need to install any specialist software to use it. You can just record and stream directly onto the platform using your webcam or camera, with premium quality available if you so desire. Followers can watch you for free up to a certain limit, but then have to upgrade to Premium to carry on watching after they meet their free bandwidth allowance. That’s how you make your money!


You’ll need a high-quality camera to participate in the streaming action at Smashcast, which prides itself on providing only the best content to its viewers. The platform first started making waves under its previous name of ‘Azubu’ several years ago, when it went toe to toe with Twitch in a battle for e-sports streaming supremacy. Smashcast was formed by a merger between Azubu and Hitbox (another smaller streaming platform) and is currently the biggest broadcaster of eSports outside of Asia, which is the planet's global hub. That makes this the place to go if eSports are your preferred type of gaming. The developers behind Smashcast have put together an attractive and adaptable range of monetization options if you're able to take advantage of them. 


DLive might not be the platform that you spend your whole streaming career with, but it’s a good place to both get started and get noticed. Several high-profile YouTube streamers started life on DLive before being scouted and poached. Who’s to say you couldn’t be next? If you’ve come across the name before, it’s probably because this is where the now-legendary streamer PewDiePie spent a year before signing with YouTube. PewDiePie was instrumental in building awareness of the brand, which is now capable of standing on its own two feet. The streamlined functionality of DLive makes it easy to use even if you've never streamed games before, and while the reward package might not set the world on fire, it's good enough to help you get settled into your new career. 


This is an article about video game streaming platforms, so of course we're going to mention Twitch. YouTube might be the first place people think of when they go to watch gaming streams now, but that's only because Twitch made it popular in the first place after being bought out by Amazon in 2014. Millions of people use Twitch every day and speak favorably of its user-friendly interfaces, although getting customer support can be a little difficult because of the sheer size of the platform. It's also hard to attract an audience at first for the same reason. We wouldn't recommend trying to start your streaming career on Twitch as a novice. Start elsewhere, and then move to Twitch when you've built an audience, and you're confident that they would follow you if you moved. 

YouTube Gaming

Hands down, YouTube is the biggest and most lucrative platform to stream video games on. Because it's owned by Google and reaps all the benefits of Google's world-conquering AdSense service, it's difficult to imagine that any other service would even be able to knock it off the top of the pile. Every tool you could ever want to create videos and stream content is here, but bear in mind that you'll be expected to upload interesting and informative videos as well as streaming live. You also need to be aware that this is the most sanitized and censored of all the platforms - one word in the wrong place on a YouTube stream or video could cost you all of your advertising revenue. YouTube is probably the place you want to end up if you intend to make big money out of streaming games, but you have to be on your best behavior at all times. 

Nobody knows how an audience might receive them as a gaming streamer until they try to find one, and you have nothing to lose by trying other than time. If you’ve always wanted to give it a go, there’s no time like the present! 
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