Five Most Hated Poker Players Ever
Saturday, 28 March 2020

 As a poker player you have some adored and respected players in your list, there are others who follow the most favourite players. Unfortunately, there are players whom you out rightly hate and they deserve this. In this article, the most heinous poker players will be named, and you will know what they have done to be in the infamous list.

 Russ Hamilton

In the eyes of many poker fans, Russ Hamilton is the most hated player in the world of poker. He was the key person behind the ultimate bet cheating scandal, which caused a lot of money laundering and sufferings to players. With the help of his super user account (an account with more advantages than the regular one) on the website for cheating players. He was the 1994 world series of poker main event champion. He defeated Hugh Vincent to win $1 million in first prize money. But after the scandal was discovered WSOP stripped him of the championship and was disgraced in front of the world. He was a genius poker player but used his proficiency in cheating other players.

Ray Bitar

Ray Bitar is another poker player who could race with Russ Hamilton for the title of a most hated poker player. He was the chief of Full Tilt an Irish online casino opened in 2004, leading it to bankruptcy due to his dubious and scandalous acts. He was unknown in the world of poker before the outrage of Black Friday fiasco. Under the leadership of Ray Bitar, Full Tilt violated the regulation of UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act 2006), engaged in money laundering 

Phil Hellmut

Dissimilar the first two persons he was not involved in the questioning act, but still hated for being Phil Hellmut. Many pokers fan odium him for his attitude and are short of poker manners. His egotism, arrogance, impetuous, uncivilized behavior is a shame for a sportsperson. He is unable to take defeat sportingly and genially. He needs to find out how to take defeat with dignity and poise. He is the only poker professional to win both World Series of Poker Europe main event and WSOP main event. He is loathed for his vehemently condemning and scolding of his opponent. To know more about him log in to

Chino Rheem

There are lots of poker fans who esteem him for his achievements. He is a poker player from Los Angeles; he finished 7th in World Series of main poker event in November 2008. He has a loan from different players, and have no intention of paying back the sum. He started paying back debts only after public condemnation. Still, he owes a lot of money and has little interest in paying back those debts.

Jamie gold

Jamie gold was World Series of Poker main event champion, winning $12 million prize money. It is one of the major wins in the history of poker. Logically he should be a hero and not in the list of most hated poker players. But his offensive, superciliousness, show off and objectionable behavior earned him a bad name.
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