How to Plan a Perfect Staycation for Two
Sunday, 19 July 2020

 You and your partner have finally got some time off, you’re both due for a vacation, and you want to make it special. A flight to anywhere is probably way too close to strangers for comfort--if you can find a beach that’s still open. Going out for a night on the town or to your favorite bar just might not be worth the risk, especially if you’re in a Covid-19 hot spot. 


 So why not stay in? You can have just as much fun together staying home as you can when you venture out, as long as you’re together! All it takes is a little bit of planning and you can have the staycation of your lives. 

Home Sweet Home 

The point of a vacation is to get away from it all, so it might seem counterintuitive to have to stay home. But there are great benefits to hanging out at home--after all, there’s no place like home! You won’t have to pack a bag or worry about forgetting anything and you’ll be sure to be cozy. 

If you feel like you need just a little bit more of that home away from home feel, try rearranging or picking an unusual spot to staycation! Backyard camping or building a living room pillow fort is perfect for breaking up the routine.

It may sound a little young-at-heart, but you’ll be glad you let loose when you’re snuggled up watching movies with your honey in your tent under the stars and a popcorn refill is only a few feet away. 

Unplug to Plug Right Back in

Sometimes the ability to escape is just about being able to do what you want and if the idea of the ultimate staycation involves sitting in front of a screen for hours at a time, more power to you. Don’t feel guilty if you and your loved one want to take advantage of your vacation time to power down your phones and work devices so that you can get on your favorite personal devices.

Whether you like to play video games together, scroll through social media side by side, try your luck at online casinos and share the winnings, or just do your thing in each other’s presence, don’t sweat it. This is your time and you’re meant to enjoy it. As long as you’re having fun, relaxing, and not stressing about how you’re spending your time, there’s no wrong way to staycation.

Think INSIDE the Box

For those less entertained by the idea of chillaxing: a staycation can be jam-packed with adventure, don’t you worry. If you’re not sold on the idea of cozy and comfy, you don’t have to work with what you have at home. 

The nice thing about living in such a connected age is that if you can think it up, you can probably have it delivered to your door! So if there’s a meal you’ve always wanted to try to prepare, a game you’re itching to play, or a hobby you and your partner want to give a go, there’s probably a box for that. Subscription boxes have been growing in popularity and variety over the past decade, with everything from meal-prep to escape challenges to collector’s items to *ahem* more adult services.

We’ve all heard the adage, “you’re only limited by your imagination,” and in this case, it just may be the truth. Start thinking of all the things you’ve always wanted to do together and when your staycation rolls around you can do them right at home! 

Better Together 

It’s easy to recognize that the world is a hard place to share right now. If you do have someone to love and share it with, it’s also easy to recognize that the things we love to do are better to do together. Enjoy the time you have, whether you’re into casino games or camping trips, and don’t sweat the small stuff.
Too often we get caught up in planning the perfect vacation and feeling like you have to spend your time to the fullest. But sometimes what we need is the perfect staycation to show us that our time means just as much when it’s just us, our loved ones, and the places we call home. 
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