Mobile or Console: Which Has the Upper Hand?

 Traditionally, the debate surrounding the superior gaming platform has involved consoles and PCs. However, the growth of smartphone gaming has seen yet another competitor emerge that is proving capable of upsetting the apple kart. So, let’s take a look at how consoles and mobiles compare within the modern era of gaming. 

 Are Gameplay and Graphics Still of Paramount Importance? 

Fundamentally, the quality of visuals generated by any gaming device ultimately determines its capabilities to compete within a heavily populated market.

Interestingly, a study conducted by Tappable in 2018, which can be found at, reported that 42 percent of surveyed gamers preferred gaming on mobile devices. However, from a cost standpoint, there isn’t much to separate traditional consoles from high-end mobiles, such as the Razer Phone 2.  

It’s no secret that one of the central reasons behind the growth of mobile gaming comes down to the platform’s undeniable convenience. However, this alone isn’t solely responsible for the fact that the mobile sector accounted for 60 percent of the global video game market’s revenue in 2019, as per a report by Mobile Marketer.   

While, in years gone by, consoles have had the edge regarding in-game aesthetics, the graphical capabilities of mobile devices have come on leaps and bounds over the last decade. Technological advancements have enabled smartphone developers to incorporate more powerful components that aid in offering a console-like experience. For example, as per, the development of the Snapdragon 865 primarily focuses on doubling down on gaming performances, ensuring desktop-quality experiences.  

Diversity in Wider Markets Will See Mobiles Surpass Consoles

In addition to smartphones taking steps to provide console-quality experiences on remote platforms, it’s expected that the continued spending of developers will see the mobile industry strengthen its superiority regarding title quantity. This year, the mobile sector is set to extend its lead with 3.1 times more investment than console platforms. Principally, this financial increase showcases the ever-changing shift towards smartphone gaming given that, as suggests, the sector has become the primary driver of growth in terms of digital game consumption. 
However, it isn’t just in relation to gaming titles where mobiles have showcased their heightened capabilities compared to their console counterparts.

Fundamentally, unlike consoles, mobiles are pivotal in staying connected with a wide array of diverse markets within modern-day society. In regard to all-in-one communication, consoles are being left behind. Despite having their own unique voice chat features, there is far more diversity on smartphones, with users able to choose between numerous apps, including Discord, Skype, WhatsApp, and many more.  

In addition to being perceived as the future of gaming, smartphones are surpassing consoles in more ways than just cross-platform communication. Crucially, mobiles are also presenting a convenient route to popular non-gaming sectors, such as live streaming and sports betting. On mobile devices, users can watch the latest sport through dedicated apps, such as the exclusive content produced for Sky Go, which is currently unavailable to console users.  

The same can also be said for the top betting operators in specific countries, including those listed at, as many of these Indian-based platforms have developed mobile-only apps. Importantly, this further highlights the heightened diversity of smartphones compared to consoles, as phone users are now able to make instantaneous bets, in addition to accessing convenient in-game markets, free bets and bonuses.  

An Undeniable Shift in Popularity 

Ultimately, few could argue against the fact that traditional consoles have long been the central players in the gaming industry. However, recent developments have showcased a digital changing of the guard. Fundamentally, mobile gaming has established itself as a more convenient and diverse option that is only likely to grow stronger with continued financial support. In contrast, consoles have somewhat failed to keep up with ever-changing user demands
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