The Different Methods of Online Gambling for Players
Friday, 19 June 2020

For a long time, humans have sought entertainment through an endless number of leisure activities. While people had to find direct, in-person forms of entertainment throughout most of history, technology has made it possible to enjoy a plethora of activities without ever leaving the home.

Online entertainment in particular is an immensely popular activity, with streaming television and movies, video games, and music just a few examples. In the world of gaming in particular, the options available feel almost inexhaustible.

While some people enjoy casual, risk-free online gaming options, others prefer higher stakes when entertaining themselves. Online gambling is the epitome of this entertainment form and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Let’s take a look at the various methods of online gambling currently available to players.

Domestic Online Casinos

The UK – as well as numerous other countries around the world – serves its native audience through many online casinos designed to offer a comparable experience to the in-person gambling experience. Through these websites, players can enjoy many of the same games they would expect to find in casinos, including poker, roulette, and slot machines.

There are more than 100 different UK-licenced online casinos, giving players a large number of choices to consider. Domestic casinos offer a variety of benefits, including free spins, deposit bonuses, and/or cashback options, depending on the exact casino.

Given the deregulated nature of some international online casinos and the terms, stakes, and payouts provided, many who love online gambling prefer to keep their activities domestic.

International Casinos/Self-Exclusion Alternatives

Despite more than 100 UK-based online casinos, there are far more operating outside of the UK and EU. These international casinos sometimes provide players with different experiences compared to the domestic options available, but the online gambling experience is still an entertaining and rewarding one.

One common reason why UK residents utilise international casinos is to circumvent prior self-exclusion choices. There are many international casino platforms providing gambling services after self-exclusion (via lists such as GAMSTOP). Services like The Best Casinos provide lists of the best online casino options for each person’s tastes, including platforms providing gambling services after self-exclusion. One such example is their list of more than a dozen online casinos not on GAMSTOP – you can find them online.

Some international casinos also offer unique methods of depositing or withdrawing funds, thanks to less restrictive legal and tax situations in the nations where they are based. As one such example, some international casinos seamlessly offer players the option to deposit or withdraw using one or more cryptocurrencies.

Mobile Casino Apps

While standard desktop or laptop online gambling may be enjoyable for some, others have a preference for on-the-go or more leisurely forms of gambling. In recent years, an explosion of mobile casino apps has emerged on mobile app marketplaces, allowing adults to easily download apps to their phones or tablets, sign-in, and enjoy a litany of card and slot games from anywhere.

Some of these apps are simply mobile versions of their more traditional online casino infrastructure, while others operate completely and entirely through their respective apps. Whether it’s slots, video poker, roulette or another popular casino game, these mobile apps often feature hundreds of options within each mobile app. However, some mobile casino apps do specialise in individual styles of casino play (such as blackjack).

Video Games with RNG

Many of the world’s most popular online games involve massively multiplayer situations. From popular co-op games to first-person shooters, there’s something for everybody. While gamblers historically might not have found much enjoyment in this particular form of gameplay, an increasing number of video games are now introducing forms of interaction that will feel very familiar to them.

Many of these games use a combination of loot boxes and/or other game mechanics that involve RNG (random number generation). While some games offer free-to-play forms of RNG bonuses (such as daily rewards), others allow players to make in-game purchases to earn credits, chances or loot boxes that may produce valuable in-game items or bonuses. These items are often traded or sold for in-game (or even real-life) monetary rewards.

The world of gaming and gambling is increasingly becoming intertwined, with both groups being able to find entertainment that combines the two. From online video games to app-based casinos, players will surely find one or more forms of online casino/gambling play that meet their specific demands.


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