Top 5 Pastimes That Are An Artistic Escape Too, Even When If You Aren’t An Artist

 Sheltered in place? Feeling bored? Have nothing to do? Staying at home doesn't have to be that dull and stressful. Here are some easy and fun ways to help you fill in your spare time.  

 #1. Explore new music or media

This is an exciting activity that doesn't need much effort. Besides, now that you have some time on your hands, look for new artists, find some relatable podcasts, and, if not that, Netflix and relax. It'll keep you entertained and help you distract from the stress you're facing right now.   

#2. Practice yoga

It needs all your creativity and imagination to execute each move artfully. Once you form a routine, yoga will eventually become a lifestyle. In fact, it'll be your favorite new found hobby. Yoga is a powerful stress buster and something that keeps you. You don't even need anything fancy – just a phone, few YouTube tutorials, and dedication, and you'd be on your way to good health. 

#3. Write your heart out

It's beneficial in those uncertain circumstances to pen down your feelings. You don't necessarily have to go all purpose-oriented and organized. Just start journaling – whether it’s about staying alone all by yourself, or having to attend those zoom calls every other hour. If you think you can help others feel connected and calm, write a blog and share it with those, who might need it. Pen down a poem or write letters. Writing always goes a long way and gets you even into those unexplored territories. 

#4. Start puzzling

When you're done listening to music, practicing yoga, and writing your feelings, give yourself some time to exercise your analytical side. You don't have to go out and get your puzzle supplies, there's a multitude of mobile apps like cross numbers, jigsaw, monument valley, mahjong, and more available on app stores. Do take some break from screens every day but come back to them for something mindful like solving artsy puzzles. 

#5. Take up DIY projects

Doesn't matter if you have a thing for art or not; just start. Search online for DIY ideas that you can pretty much execute with all the everyday household stuff. Paint those plastic bottles and use them as beautiful planters or bird feeders. Doodle or color to distract yourself from the current day stress. Make a stationery holder or a twig photo frame. Create an animated flipbook. Transform a suitcase into a pet bed. Try origami, gardening, or repurposing your old makeup - there's a lot you can do. 

So here are our top 5 pastimes for an artistic escape during these tough times. We enjoy playing the artful cross numbers puzzle and practicing unique yoga poses to learn the art of balance in our free time. Let us know in the comments below what works for you, what are your favorite pastimes. We'd love to hear from you! 
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