Traditional Vs. Stick Bonuses: How to Maximize Your Winning
Thursday, 26 March 2020

 The online gambling industry is consistently and persistently growing since its commencement. According to Morgan Stanley, the industry was worth $423 billion in the year 2014.

 The industry is becoming more innovative and employing novel marketing strategies to allure new players. These strategies include a different kind of bonus both to new and existing players. There is a difference between traditional and sticky bonuses. It is a very common practice the online websites offer a different kind of bonuses to players, but the logistics differ from each bonus to others.

Traditional bonus and sticky bonus

This kind of bonus are directly credited or debited from your account. If a leading online casino offers a 100% initial deposit bonus, limited to $500.The fund credited in your account can be withdrawn with the winning amount after fulfilling the wagering conditions. While other casinos offer sticky or non-cashable bonuses, they are credited in your account. With this bonus you cannot withdraw it, you must wager. They will be valid until unless you wager with them. Some even render phantom bonuses, these bonuses vanish after initial withdrawal. For instance, you receive $200 as a phantom bonus and use half of the amount before making the first withdrawal, and then you lose the other $100. Always read the fine print of the terms and conditions before signing in.

Bonuses should not be the only criteria for choosing an online casino. Many wagers do not favor sticky bonuses as they are not cashable. A bit on the other hand sticky bonus is much higher than the traditional bonus, making it a better option. Stick bonuses range from 200 to 400% of your initial deposit, and traditional bonuses are generally 100%. If you are gambling just for fun, and do it responsibly, then the sticky bonus is a much better option than the traditional bonus. Log in to any site like to fully understand the difference.

Different requirement for different bonus

There are different requirements for the different bonuses; a comp bonus can be earned for every dollar spent on gambling. Online casinos generally pay 0.2% of the wagering value as a comp bonus. Referral bonuses are earned when you refer a friend or family member for opening an account on that site. As soon as the referred person deposits cash in the casino, you will earn your bonus. Deposit bonuses are the match bonus of your initial deposit. Deposit bonuses are generally sticky in nature.  

Read the fine print carefully

Read between the lines of the terms and conditions of the chosen online casino. Read terms regarding the maximum limit of deposit and withdrawal; this gives you a comprehensive knowledge about the bonuses and terms and conditions of the casino. While choosing bonuses, if you select the non-stick ones wagering requirements have to be fulfilled to completely enjoy it. The wagering requirement is a necessary evil, as long as the bonus exists, wagering requirement rare also to stay. Choose a casino which use state of the art technology which are tested and certified. These casinos give you a more user-friendly gaming experience with low wagering requirements.


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