What are the Online Games That Women Love the Most?
Wednesday, 08 April 2020

 Back in the day, computer gaming used to be mostly a male hobby and most games were in fact made for men. However, this has changed greatly and today our computers, mobile phones and the internet are loaded with games that the fairer sex seems to enjoy more than men. 

 Unlike men who often enjoy solo games, women seem to be interested more in social gaming. This is what has made social platform games such as those on Facebook very interesting to millions of younger and more mature female players. According to Onrainsagi portal, women also enjoy gambling games a lot, especially those such as roulette and bingo.

We did some research and found out what some of the most popular game types and particular game titles are among the ladies and we bring you the list of the top five games that women seem to enjoy. 

1. Farmville

Created by the popular game maker Zynga, Farmville is a game available on the Facebook social platform and played by millions of players around the world. As one might expect, Farmville is very often played by women as it offers bright colors, social gaming and no violence, which appear to be some of the things that draw women to particular games. 

The game is all about farming. The player is put onto a virtual farm which is small and not very rich at first. Through gameplay, players can increase the numbers of virtual crops and animals on the farm, earn FarmCoins and make their rural empire keep growing. 

The great thing about Farmville is that there is really no end to how great your farm can be, and you can play with friends and family members, share your spoils and enjoy the endless fun that the game brings. Farmville is an ultimate stress reliever then it comes to online games. 

2. Bejeweled

Bejeweled and many other similar classic games seem to be on the top of the ladies’ games lists worldwide as well. These games attract more female players than male ones and unlike Farmville they do bring about an element of competition as well as difficult and sometimes stressful situations. 

The player progresses in these games by solving some very simple puzzles at first and progressing to some extremely difficult ones later on. As you move to the higher levels of such games, a single wrong move can ruin your whole progress through the level, making it very hard to beat a level, but very satisfying also.
3. UNO/Crazy 8s

A game almost always played in a social scenario, UNO is a game played with special cards and now available on many online apps. UNO or Crazy 8s can be played via all social platforms and many messenger apps as well, which makes it easily available. The game is often played by women and girls with a competitive spirit and is known as a friendship breaker kind of game in some cases. 

Of course, the game is actually meant to be competitive but not really break friendships, so if you are going to play the game, understand that it’s mostly about the luck of the draw and there is really no reason to get upset for losing a match. 

4. Bingo

Since it was invented, Bingo has always been a gambling game preferred by the ladies. While card games like poker remain mostly male sports, Bingo is actually played by ladies of all ages both in live and online scenarios. 

The beauty of Bingo is that it requires no skill at all and can be played by anyone. In live bingo, one must follow the numbers that are being called out, but online Bingo rooms have made is possible for players to enjoy the thrill without following at all, since computer does all the work. 

5. Roulette
One of the ultimate gambling games in the world, Roulette can be played online for real money, but also for fun. Social platforms and other apps allow players to enjoy roulette without investing any money and it would seem that once again a good number of ladies is attracted by the risks and the rewards that this game has to offer. 

If you are a kind of player who enjoys a bit of risk and the thrills of a game where some strategy and some luck can both play a part, than roulette is the right game for you. As already mentioned, numerous studies have shown that games like roulette fall into the league of the most popular among women worldwide. 
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