What You Need To Know About The Game Of Double Exposure Blackjack
Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Blackjack might be one of the oldest card games available today, but it is still as popular as it has ever been. In fact, it might even be more popular thanks to the ever-evolving aspect of the game. Much like poker, you will find that there are now several variations of these classic games available online for people to take advantage of. While a lot of the traditional rules and regulations apply to these games, there are some newly added features that make these games more exciting. That being said, one of these games is double exposure blackjack. And, if you want to get in on the action, you are going to need to learn to play the game in the most efficient way possible.

The Layout Of The Cards

If you are familiar with the traditional game of blackjack, you already know that when the dealer deals out the cards, he or she places theirs down on the table with one up and one down. This is different in double exposure blackjack. In fact, this is how the game got its name. Both of the dealer’s cards are placed face up. This no doubt gives the player the advantage right out of the gate. However, don’t get too excited just yet because the casinos aren’t going to let you get away that easy. This is why they threw in more stipulations and rules that you need to be aware of.

The Payouts

In most other blackjack games offered by sites like link alternatif sbobet, a payout will usually be three to two. This will not be the case with double exposure. This game will on have a payout ratio of one to one. In addition to this, there is simply no insurance option either. This means that all the payouts are equal. It doesn’t matter what kind of hand you win with.

There Are No Ties

In traditional blackjack, there is something known as a push. This is basically just a situation when the player and the dealer tie. For instance, if you have 18 and the dealer has 18, this would be considered a push. In this situation, it would mean that neither side wins, and the player’s bet remains intact, but he or she does not get to collect on any earnings. It just means that your next hand is already paid for upfront. Unfortunately, this isn’t this case in this variation. In this variation, the dealer is granted the advantage every time and will immediately collect on the win.

Simple Strategies

Other than this, the game is pretty much the same as traditional blackjack. That being said, if you want to make the most of your time, you will want to learn a few strategies. A few good rules of thumb strategies are to always hit when you have a hand of 11 or lower, always hit when the dealer has a 20, always double down when you have an 11 or lower, if the dealer has anywhere from 14 to 16, and always stand when you have 17 or 20 unless the dealer has a higher hand.
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