10 Unique Tiny Homes That Will Blow Your Mind
Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Tiny homes don't have to be small and boring. Keep reading for 10 unique tiny homes that will blow your mind.

The tiny house movement has exploded in the US over the past five years. Multiple reality TV shows that highlight the functionality, superb design, and benefits of these small dwellings have piqued the public's interest in downsizing their living spaces.

Social movements have also contributed to the recent interest in tiny houses. Environmentally conscious folks celebrate tiny houses as a way to move "off the grid" and decrease our carbon footprint. People who believe in minimalism, the philosophy that living with fewer things leads to physical and emotional freedom, also love tiny houses because they encourage a minimalistic lifestyle.

Though you might think the tiny house movement is relatively new, it's actually been around for decades. The conversation about the benefits of tiny houses and tiny house living emerged in the early '80s. In the '90s the movement gathered more devotees, but it certainly wasn't mainstream yet.

The larger conversation about tiny houses started when people were looking for creative housing solutions after the housing crisis of 2008. Many people saw tiny houses as a way to live more affordably by downsizing their living spaces. As more people flocked to tiny homes, interest increased, culminating with multiple tiny house reality show debuts in 2014.

Tiny House Obsession

Since then, the obsession with tiny houses has only grown, with more people adopting the tiny house lifestyle each year.

If you're not one of the people already obsessed with tiny houses, you may be wondering exactly how tiny we're talking and why so many people are choosing to move to these unique homes. The generally accepted size for a tiny house is under 400 square feet. For those of us who are used to 1,300 square foot condos and 2,600 square foot houses, living in a space that small seems unimaginable.

But the challenge of downsizing your life to fit into a functional 400 square foot space is exactly what people love about the tiny house lifestyle. Though the goal of the tiny house lifestyle is to downsize, that doesn't mean that these tiny houses are lacking in any way.

To prove that tiny houses offer more than meets the eye, we've put together a list of the ten most unique tiny homes in the world. Prepare to be amazed, and maybe intrigued enough to consider tiny house living.

1. Caso De Penedo

One of the most iconic tiny homes in the world is Caso De Penedo in Portugal. This tiny house is built into four surrounding boulders, giving the house a Flinstones kind of vibe. The house was built in the '70s by an architect who wanted to build a country escape that would blend in with the mountainous landscape of the area.

The interior of the house is reminiscent of a rustic cabin. Each of the rooms has a unique shape influenced by the boulders around which the house was built.

The house has a kitchenette, a small shared living area, a sleeping area and even a fireplace, which serves as the house's only source of heat.

This tiny home is no longer inhabited, but because of its unique design, it's a popular tourist attraction.

2. The Atlanta Treehouse

If you spent the majority of your childhood summers camped out in the treehouse in your backyard, then The Atlanta Treehouse is your tiny house dream. Peter Bahouth, the owner and designer, is a professional environmental activist, which is why he decided to build the treehouse. He wanted a living experience that was rooted, pun intended, in nature.

The Atlanta Treehouse - which is actually three separate tiny houses connected by suspended bridges - is not a full-time dwelling. Bahouth rents the tiny homes on Airbnb to give people an experience of tiny home living without the full-time commitment to the tiny house lifestyle.

3. The Catskills Glasshouse Treehouse

This tiny home was built as part of one of the reality TV shows that sparked the tiny house obsession. On Animal Planet's show "Treehouse Masters" Christina Salway, an interior designer, teamed up with the show's architect to create this tiny house built completely from salvaged windows.

Salway's vision was to build a house that had completely unobstructed views of the beautiful Catskills landscape. So, instead of walls, they created a house of windows. While most would construct their glass tiny house with new windows, Salway had a collection of salvaged windows, the kind of collection that only an interior designer would have.

4. Vina's Tiny House

Vina's Tiny House is a mere 140 square feet, making it a truly tiny home. Vina Lustado, built it to embody his philosophies of simplistic and sustainable living. The house is eco-friendly and completely self-sustaining.

The interior has loft space for sleeping, which is directly under a skylight so you get the feel of sleeping under the stars. The main living area has a couch, a desk area, and a tiny fully functional kitchenette.

Tiny home enthusiasts agree windows are the secret to making a tiny home seem more spacious, and Lustado's design supports this assertion. Skylights bathe the house with natural light and give views of the surrounding landscape that make the dwelling seem much larger than it is.
Lustado himself lives in the tiny home full-time and designs similar tiny homes at his architectural firm.

5. Neverwas Haul

This tiny home gives the term mobile home a totally new meaning. The Neverwas Haul is a three-story Victorian house built onto a functioning trailer.
This steampunk dream was originally built as a temporary dwelling for attendees of the Burningman Festival. The tiny house was such a phenomenon at the festival that the creators took it on tour.

Though it's not a full-time dwelling, the creators do live in the Neverwas Haul while they're on tour. It's definitely one of the most unique tiny homes out there.
6. The Silo House

Tiny houses are often constructed of repurposed or reclaimed materials and the Silo House in New Braunfels, Texas is a truly unique example. This tiny house is built in and around a renovated 1940s grain silo.

The main portion of the house - which includes a loft sleeping area with a king bed, a teeny living room, a kitchenette, and a stand-up shower - is all contained within the silo. A covered porch was added to the front of the silo, which creates a homey facade that almost makes you forget the house used to be a grain silo.

7. The Pequod Tiny House

The people who commissioned this tiny house described their ideal tiny home as whimsical and The Pequod Tiny House definitely embodies the word. The exterior of the house is built from both wood and stone, combined in a wavy design to match a quirky curved roof. But the roof isn't just a quirky design decision; it helps maximize the space of the loft sleeping areas.

The interior of this tiny home utilizes stowaway storage to make the most of the limited space. Cabinets and furniture roll out from the walls when needed and tuck conveniently back in when space is needed.
8. The Floating Tiny House

If you love the idea of living on the water, but want to stay connected to the mainland, this floating tiny house in North Haven, Maine might be the perfect compromise. The house is constructed mostly from sealed natural wood.

The exterior features a wooden deck that literally floats in Penobscot Bay. The interior is mostly exposed wood beams, accented with actual tree branches that were collected from the area. The main living area is surprisingly spacious, as is the loft sleeping area. The ceiling has expansive skylights that illuminate the dwelling with natural light. With the house being on water, it is easy to think that it might be tough for homeowners to get heating and gas into the house via traditional methods. Thankfully, there are many other alternative ways to get power and electricity into a unique home like this. One top idea is to get reliable hot water through Euro Sun and their solar-powered heating system.

9. The Sundance Wild West Wagon Cabin

This one of a kind tiny home in Cornwall, United Kingdom is modeled to look like the wagons that ventured to the Wild West. The house even sits on bright red wagon wheels!

The curved roof, which is reminiscent of the canvas coverings on those Old West wagons, creates a vaulted ceiling look that makes the interior seem much larger than it is. The wide design also allows this tiny home to have two side by side rooms. The separate living room and sleeping space create privacy that few tiny homes have. It also allows for a full kitchen, a true luxury for tiny home living.

10. The Budget A-Frame Tiny House

The A-frame style has long been the preferred architectural style for smaller living spaces, especially cabins in the woods. DIY'ers that are interested in tiny houses for their cost-saving potential will be thrilled to hear that you can build your own tiny house for under $1,000.

That's exactly what Alla and Garrett Ponomareva did. They found the design for their A-frame style tiny home online and then got to work. They completed their 80 square foot tiny home in less than 3 weeks.

The interior has just two double beds right next to the kitchenette and some shelves. Since there's no space to spare, the bathroom and shower are outside. You have to be really committed to rustic living to thrive here, but those who can handle it think this tiny home is dreamy.

Dreaming of Your Own Unique Tiny Home?

If these gorgeous, unique tiny homes have you thinking about converting to the tiny home lifestyle we totally understand. In a world where we're surrounded by clutter and stress, adopting a simpler lifestyle surrounded by fewer things is very attractive.

Start planning your tiny house today by checking out some of the materials you might need to construct your dream home.

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