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14 Reasons Why You Should Travel As a Backpacker At Least Once In Your Life
Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Yes, it is true that there are many ways to travel and many ways to live the experience once one is on the road. "For tastes colors," they say, and each one has to choose what best suits their tastes and desires.

It won't be me who tells you that being a backpacker is the best or the only way to travel, not even the cliché that “being a backpacker” is more authentic than any other type of travel. I think it is the attitude with which one travels and not the container where one keeps her belongings that makes a difference.

So I am not going to tell you that one way of traveling is better than another, I will simply tell you that they are different. I'm going to give you 14 excellent reasons why traveling backpacking once in your life should be in your “bucket list”. It is one of those enriching experiences and available to many since it can be done with little money. You just need to make the decision and really want to!

Without further delay, I tell you the 14 reasons why you should travel as a backpacker at least once in your life:
While traveling already forces us to get out of our “comfortable and safe areas”, doing backpacking sharpens this attitude very much because of the characteristics of the style of the trip: take public transportation, stay with locals, eat in markets, “seek life”, etc. Exposing yourself with an open soul to experiences and adventures as a backpacker will be highly comforting, I promise.
You will have the world at your feet to explore it. Try to travel through different countries, make an itinerary but do not close to it ... be spontaneous, accept uncertainty as part of the travel process. Traveling as a backpacker you have the opportunity to do what you want, whenever you want ... and that does not usually happen very often, neither in your routine nor if you travel on a guided tour. Treasure those moments of the trip; the feeling of absolute freedom is additive and generates an explosion of happiness and personal satisfaction unique and unparalleled.
Tips, every backpacker should be equipped with a personal GPS tracking device, which keeps track of one’s real-time location with offline maps and SOS signal sending.
You will spend some time alone during your trip and you will have to face new situations for which you will have to use all your skills - or learn new ones - to solve them. Small challenges will help you to give yourself a little better; know your limits, push them a little and redraw them a "little further"; You will rediscover or confirm many of your virtues and your self-confidence will grow. A backpacking trip, with those eternal “blank spaces” waiting in terminals or long journeys will offer you something very valuable: time! Time to think, consider things, rethink others, retake ideas, settle or start projects ... Everything is within you, you only need the time to macerate it.
Everything you need for your trip comes in a backpack and during the trip all your possessions are on your back, which will give you a liberating autonomy. You do not need any "other objects". The rest you carry inside you and the route provides: experiences, accommodation, food, adventures, emotions, landscapes ... Believe me, you can live several months or even years with just a backpack.
s a backpacker you will not have anything prepared in advance, you will surely need a lot of help from locals and other travelers; and you will find yourself thanking many unknown people many times a day for their great acts of generosity . You will also feel grateful for everything you have - and have left - at home and you can feel lucky.
You will discover that you have a sixth sense. Maybe in your daily life you do not need it much and that is why it is sleepy, but as soon as you leave the route it reappears strongly. Retake contact with this inner voice that guides you will be fabulous ... and only if you travel on your own will you wake up. On a guided tour you don't need it.
As a backpacker you will have to walk a lot: to look for accommodation, to tour a city, to discover a landscape, to see what is beyond the tourist circuit. A backpacker usually tries to save, so you will take few taxi or city tours. Traveling with the backpack on your shoulder will leave you behind a path of life.
Used to always talk to your family, circle of friends and people from work or university ... one loses one of the most essential skills: connect with the other. As a backpacker you will be in permanent contact with locals and other travelers - mainly in hostels or through platforms such as couchsufing. You will make a lot of new friends from and around the world.
By having an open itinerary and being with all the predisposition of the world to try new things you will spend more time doing what you really like and discover new things.
Backpacking is a travel style in itself: it requires an attitude of openness, acceptance and curiosity . You will open your mind to new cultures, new traditions and new ways of doing things.
By traveling slowly and having to stay in touch with local people all the time you will learn about the new societies in which you immerse yourself , you will learn about their history, their traditions and culture will come into you through their music, its gastronomy, its art, its clothing, etc.
When you make the decision, you start the journey and begin to face small challenges ... the pride of having achieved what seemed difficult or impossible is powerful and highly rewarding . Making your dreams come true revitalizes you and makes you feel a “superheroine”, you think you can with everything that life later throws in your face.
When traveling alone and as a backpacker you will be obliged to communicate with local people and other travelers . That will lead you to better or learn new languages ... and the need will be stronger than shyness or shame for speaking in English, French or whatever language.
One of the advantages of this type of trip is that you don't need to be rich to do it . Backpackers usually choose public transport to move around, opt for interprovincial or international buses rather than flights, stay in cheap hostels or guest houses or even do couchsurfing.
And you, do you know another reason to recommend someone to travel backpacking once in their life? Leave your suggestion in the comments area!
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