5 most fun places to visit in Portugal
Monday, 17 February 2020

In the life of monotonous work, you may like to have a holiday worth its name. Everyone wants holidays to be full of fun. If you are thinking of a holiday or a short break, the lovely places in Portugal must be in your wish-list. To get the best of the holidays, let us look at the 5 most fun places you can enjoy in Portugal so that you can plan the best.

OConnor Golf Course in Algarve:

Are you out for a short break with your near and dear friends? How about going to the golf course to take one or two shots? If you are in a search for the best golf course, O Connor Golf Course is the best. Golf-lovers like you will never miss out on the OConnor Golf Course in Algarve. The fair but challenging golf course is sure to keep you engaged in the game. Players who survive the front nine are challenged of holes 10-18 featured with water hazards. Take the challenge and spend your holiday in the impeccable golf course.


If you want your holidays to be calm and relaxing the best thing you can do is to step into the streets of Coimbra. The charming little city by the Mondego River cradles many historical sites. You can casually walk down the quiet streets of the city and discover the tomb of Queen and feel the peace in the air.


If you are a nature lover, you would never like to miss out on a chance to the Archipelago of Azores. Each island here has its own unparalleled beauty. The hot mineral springs here can rejuvenate your tired body. If you are in the Azores, you mustn't miss out on the beautiful mountains of São Miguel. On the shores of these islands, if you are lucky enough, you may get the rare glimpse of a whale. Relax in the seaside towns and get the best holidays here.


Lisbon is the most favorite spot of tourists. Lisbon is an enchanting destination with warm, comfortable weather. Stretching across the banks of the Tagus river, Lisbon is the capital of Portugal. The alluring alleys of Lisbon, the rustic architecture, and the beautiful Gothic Cathedrals are surely going to make your holiday a memorable one.


For a beautiful holiday you can never miss out Obidos. Obidos is a little hill-top city encircled by age-old fortified walls. These ancient walls are worth seeing. Obidos is not only all walls. If you want to experience the medieval era this is the right place.

The impeccable medieval castle here will surely take you back to the medieval age. This place is adorned with beautiful cafes, quaint shops, and busy squares. Getting bored is not a word here. Spend a few days in the luxurious hotels and explore the enchanting city.

To conclude:

Traveling is the best way to enjoy your holidays. So, pack your bags and set out to see a new place. Whether you are a sports lover or a nature lover, Portugal has everything for you. From historical places to busy squares, everything is waiting for you! So, buckle up with your near and dear ones and explore the unknown.
You can check this: map of Lisbon attractions.


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