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8 Interesting Places to Visit Before Moving to Philadelphia: Tips You Need to Know
Monday, 09 November 2020

Are you wanting to move to a large city with will over 1.5 million people? Philadelphia is the place for you. This city is famous for movies such as Rocky and the Philly cheesesteak, but there is much more to this growing city, so if you are intent on moving to Philadelphia, there are some things you will want to know. Here are our best tips for those moving to Philly.

Moving to Philadelphia


A City of Historical Significance

Philadelphia is home to many, many historical events that residents take great pride in. The city itself was founded by William Penn in 1682 and it remains one of America’s oldest cities. Philadelphia was significant in fighting the Revolutionary War and was the site of the original Continental Congress. In more modern times, Philadelphia was the birthplace of hip hop and a key player in the industrialization of America. If you are a history buff, you will find something historical around every corner in the city.

Get Used to Market Shopping

Most cities have at least one, but usually several supermarkets to shop in. These enclosed buildings can have everything you need from steaks to car parts, but when you move to Philadelphia, you will begin to shop like the locals. Since 1915, most residents tend to do their grocery shopping at one of two major markets, Reading Terminal Market or South 9th Street Italian Market. There are also a variety of farmers markets that sell unique items made in Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

Rent a Storage Facility

You may be moving into a historic home, trendy apartment or a number of other dwellings within Philadelphia, but sometimes storage can be an issue in many of these residences. Older basements are not always ventilated well and both attics and basements can sometimes cause valuable items to mold. Before you bring all of your belongings to your new home, consider renting a storage unit. Storage units in Philadelphia are remarkably affordable and available in both climate controlled and standard varieties. They help you organize and store valuable items safely no matter where you live in Philadelphia.

Education is Everywhere

One thing that Philadelphia is noted for is being a college town. Not only is it a known college town, but the largest on the east coast. Philadelphia is home to the renowned University of Philadelphia and 15 other 4 year universities in the city, so you will see a lot of college kids everywhere. In addition to academic learning options at the various schools, museums provide educational opportunities for those not looking to sit in a classroom. Philadelphia is home to the world famous Mutter museum with its endless array of medical memorabilia.

Home to the First and Top Children’s Hospital

Philadelphia is one of those cities that highly values education and consequently there are many hospitals in the city that offer top of the line care. Among these is the first ever children’s hospital in the United States. CHOP is the short name of it and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has won many awards for being top ranked compared to other children’s hospitals around the world. In the event your child becomes sick, you will be thankful to be so close to some of the best children’s doctors in the world. As for the adults in the home, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital has been known to acquire its fare share of spectacular awards as well.

Ideal for Art Lovers

When you think of performing arts, Broadway is likely the first place that will come to mind, but Philadelphia is not to be outdone by New York when it comes to performing arts opportunities. Although New York does have its share of performance opportunities, Philadelphia has an entire street devoted to various performing arts venues providing the best in entertainment in visual arts options. The Academy of Music, The Wilma Theater, The Kimmel Center of Performing Arts, and Suzanne Roberts Theater are just a sampling of the amazing theatrical and music performances you can see in this unique city.

The Food is Amazing

Yes, you will eventually have to stake your claim for the best cheesesteak in the city and whether you prefer Geno’s or Pat’s is entirely up to you, but Philadelphia is not just a one sandwich town. They value good eats and as you stroll around your new found city, you can expect to see such native offerings as scrapple and Pennsylvania Dutch Breakfast. In addition, Philadelphia natives truly love a good soft pretzels, so expect to see them everywhere you go.

Prison Tours, Yes Prison Tours

Although we hope all reading this will remain on the right side of the law, you may want to take a step back into history and prison life in Philadelphia. The city is home to the famed Eastern State Penitentiary that housed prisoners from 1829 up until 1971. This prison housed such famous names as Willie Sutton and Al Capone just to name a few and each year the prison plays host to Terror Behind Walls if you are so inclined to join this terror filled event.
Philadelphia is a growing city, yet people still claim it has a unique small town feel. For those moving into the city, it can take some time to get used to, but once you adapt to your surroundings, you will understand why they refer to this city as the City of Brotherly Love.
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