Home Improvement Tips to New Home Owners
Saturday, 17 August 2019

 So you just bought a new home, well that is amazing. We know the decision must have been very difficult to make but you did it. You made one of the most crucial financial decisions in your life and we commend you for that. Sure, the house may not be exactly how you wanted it to be but no house is perfect at first. It’s often up to you to redesign and decorate it to your liking. We’ve compiled for you a list of home improvement tips you can use to make your house look spectacular.

Paint the house

We know you’ve heard about painting your house several times and you’re likely to come across it again and again every time you look for home improvement ideas. You see, painting doesn’t just add beauty to your house it also adds its market value. So in case you change your mind and want to sell the house, you’ll get a good amount of money for it. Painting also helps you to adapt to the changing trends in housing. The colors used back in the 90’s may not be as trendy and appealing to the current ones.

Painting allows you to explore all the assorted colors at your disposal. But remember that the colors should always match your surroundings and by that we mean things like your leather sofa, curtains and tables among others. You can paint your doors, walls and even the ceiling. Some great colors you can use include bright-blue, grey, white, green, red or pink. Of course, you can pick any other as long as it does not ruin the overall appearance of your house.

Light your house

Proper lighting makes your home warm and inviting. Apart from the overall light we all have, you also need a task and accent light. The former will provide light when you are reading or working while the latter serves to spotlight some of your artwork, wallpapers or literally anything amazing and deserving of attention. A sconce can be a great accent light and there are different varieties and styles for you to choose from. For studying, you can get a desk lamp or install a wall lamp. Now with the overall or ambient light, there are a number of ideas you can explore. You can go for chandeliers, pendant lights, and multiple wall sconces among others.

Beautify the yard/lawn

The outside of your house deserves just as much attention as the inside. Curb appeal is very important. Leave your visitors with an engraved memory of your captivating yard before they even step in. You can do this by buying some attractive and colorful flowers for your exterior and placing them on different areas where they look great and capture people’s attention. Remember to also trim any overgrown grass or trees around your house.

Do a bathroom remodel

Although we do not spend much of our time in the bathroom, it is a very important part of the house and one most homeowners check before making a purchase. We’re assuming you did too. It may not look that great at first sight, but you can change that with some few renovations. You can buy some mirrors, light the room, get new sinks and handles, paint the room and remodel the floor. You can use wall sconces to light your mirror and give your bathroom a stylish look. Also, if you do not like the current bathroom flooring you can do a remodel. There are multiple bathroom floorings available in the market such as ceramic tiles, vinyl tiles, porcelain tiles, natural stone, cork flooring and engineered wood.

Do a kitchen remodel

The kitchen is another important room in the house that shouldn’t be left out when decorating and renovating your house. Given that this is the part of the house where people cook food, a lot of water is used and therefore you should consider installing a whole house water filtration system to ensure the water used is clean.

There are so many ways you can improve the look of your kitchen but first try to declutter the room by letting go of old appliances you don’t use anymore. With that done, you can then re-color your old cabinets, install shelves to display your decorative glassware, put a tile backsplash in your cooking area and even change the flooring.


Buying a home is an investment that usually costs a lot of money and so it is only fair that you make living in the new home worthwhile. The following ideas will guide you and leave your house looking amazing thereby holding its value even as time goes by.
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