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Moving to Denver Now or in The Future?
Thursday, 17 September 2020

 Things to Know Before Moving to the Mile High City

Denver is not your everyday city. Despite being known as the mile-high city, this part of the country has remarkably attractive industries and attributes that make it one of the top spots for families to move within the United States. Currently the population of Denver stands at just under 800,000 people, but is steadily growing each year. If you are looking to move to Denver, CO, here are some things you need to know before packing up. 

 Cost of Living Steadily Increasing

The cost of living varies drastically in different parts of the country. In Denver, the cost of living is certainly nowhere near as high as San Francisco, New York, or LA, but it is on the rise. Naturally, when more industries move into such an up and coming area, costs go up. Thankfully, at the moment, Denver homes remain affordable for the average family, so if you are thinking about making the move to Denver, get in on it now before prices continue to rise. 

Few Complain About the Weather

Weather is always a factor when choosing somewhere to live. Factors such as storms, rainfall, snowfall, and average number of sunny days can be a significant factor in a moving choice, but when moving to Denver, you will not find much fault with the weather. Unlike the southern United States that remain muggy and humid during the summer, Denver summers are relatively mild with little humidity and with around 300 average days of sun in the city, Denver is a sun lover’s paradise. You will have to contend with some snow, but in Denver, these snow storms tend to happen all at once and do not stick around throughout the entire winter. 

The Altitude is a Factor

Being known as the Mile High City is a great attribute for Denver, but this rise in altitude can do some damage to your skin. Those that live in Denver often wear sunscreen and plenty of chapstick throughout the year as the chance of skin cancer can increase due to the city’s higher altitude. You will also have to adjust your cooking temperatures as boiling water and freezing temperatures are based on sea level, so a few degrees up or down will make all the difference in your recipes. 

Storage Units are a Must

Moving tips abound these days and everyone seems to have their own opinion on what is the best way to move into a new city, but above all other advice, the choice to rent a storage unit during your move is an extremely smart one. Storage units in Denver are everywhere these days and no matter which community you choose to move into, they will be a vital assistant. While you are getting your home set up, a storage unit can be an excellent middle ground space to decide what you want to put in the home and what you wish to store. 

In Denver, you might find that parking spaces at your chosen residence can be difficult to find. The average home has room for 2, so if you have more or happen to be an avid antique car enthusiast, you can be a little out of luck. Storage units provide storage for cars of all sizes in a safe and secure location. Whether you want an extra garage or a place to store antiques and seasonal items, storage units are an excellent help. 

Denver Residents Prefer Comfort

Dressing up to go out on the town is great if you live in a high fashion area, but if you intend on bringing your fashion sense to Denver, you run the risk of feeling over dressed. The people of Denver tend to value comfort over anything else. Standard attire for the area is a simple t-shirt and a pair of jeans with a quality made pair of boots. Comfort is king in Denver.

Biking is Easy Here

In Denver, the public transit system is growing with each passing year, but currently, only 7% of residents utilize public transit on a daily basis. The rest of the city relies on their own personal vehicle for longer trips, but bikes tend to be the main mode of transportation in this outdoor lover’s paradise. Using your bike to commute to work or just for a leisurely ride through the city is a lot of fun and easy as most places have bike stands ready and waiting for everyone. 
Denver has become a place where older individuals and younger professionals love to live. It is known for having a lot of ski opportunities during the winter as well as endless summer activities for every type of person. If you are planning on moving to this up and coming part of the country, you are in for a true treat. If Denver is calling you, pack up and answer the call right now. 


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