Tips for Taking a Wheelchair on Vacation
Wednesday, 08 January 2020

The world is wide, full of wonderful sights and experiences. While so much work still needs to be done to make travel more accessible to wheelchair users, there are a great many places that can be easily enjoyed while using a wheelchair.

When traveling in a chair, you'll ask yourself the following three questions. This way, you're covering all the bases before you arrive at your destination.

How Are You Getting There?

One of the most pressing considerations is how you plan to travel, and what kind of transport you'll be using once you arrive.

1. If traveling by private car, you naturally have much more control over the process.
2. If traveling by bus or train, then you can always check with the operator what kind of facilities are offered in advance.
3. If traveling by air, then making arrangements with the airport and/or airline in advance will smooth the journey considerably. Airports and airlines often have their own wheelchair services, depending on requirements:
If you have a folding wheelchair, then all carrier planes with over 100 seats must provide a wheelchair closet (you can find more about the size requirements here).
If you have a wheelchair with a rigid frame, alternative provisions may be made, and it's always a good idea to contact the airline to learn more about what they offer.

For air travel, a light wheelchair can save a lot of time and hassle, as they fold away easily and crew are often more familiar with the processes. This saves on time and stress, and if you're a regular traveler this eases the boarding process considerably.

What's Your Destination?

Fancy a city break, or is it golden sands for you? This is something to bear in mind before you take your trip. For example, if you'll be spending most of your time in a city, then checking out travel guides for wheelchair accessibility is a must. Some cities offer brilliant facilities that really allow you to experience them to the full, and if so, it's great to know that you'll be able to get around without any hassle.

If a location doesn't appear to have significant wheelchair facilities, then it's well worth thinking about exactly what you want to see most while you're there, such as museums or historic buildings. These places tend to have websites and contact addresses where you'll be able to find out about accessibility.

If you're planning to spend some time by the sea, then there's the sand factor. There are a wide range of beach wheelchairs available which aren't susceptible to rust and travel more easily over sand. Unless they're available for rental at your destination, these may take up considerable extra space, so it's worth bearing your mode of transport in mind and how much room you have available.

Who are You Traveling With?

Depending on your requirements, you may be ready to set off already at this point! However, if you have a caregiver who helps you move around, it's always a good idea to talk over your plans with them. You can establish the best activities for the two of you to undertake, whether it's visiting ancient ruins or getting out into nature.

If you discuss your plans in advance, it's easy enough to find plenty of activities that ensure you both have the best vacation possible when there is so much on offer at each destination. Just make sure to set aside extra cushion time for getting around, and then you'll be all set!
Bottom Line

Finding the right wheelchair for your travel needs is just the start of your journey. Once you're set, all the beauty of the world is waiting for you to come see it.

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