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Cost of Self-Transformation
Thursday, 19 November 2020

Ev?r?? ????r, ?b??ut h?lf a milli??n ?????l? m?k? a ?ilgrim?g? t?? Turki?h l?nd? in ??rd?r t?? r?????v?r th? h?ir th??? h?v? l???t ??v?r tim?. Th? r?????n? wh?? th??? ??h?????? Turk??? t?? und?rg?? a h?ir transplant ?r? ??v?r?l, including th? wid? r?ng? ??f ??rvi????, th? ?u?lit?? ??f th? tr??tm?nt? and, ??f ????ur??, ????m??titiv? ?ri??ing. How much does a hair transplant cost depends on several factors.

Th?r? are not many ????untri?? th?t ?r? f?m??u? for th?ir ?????bl? ?nd ?du???t?d h?ir ?urg???ns ?l??ng with th?ir h?ir tr?n??l?nt ??lini???. M???t ??f th? tim? th? choice of g?tting ?r?????dur? ?br???d i? about ?????n??mi?? r?????n? h??w?v?r in m?n?? ?????? th? ?????bilit?? ?nd f?m? ??f th? h?ir d????t??r ?l??? ?l??? a big r??l?. For example, I?t?nbul b????m? th? ????it?l ??f h?ir tr?n??l?nt surgeries ?nd th? main tw?? r?????n? wh?? ?????l? ??h?????? Turk??? over US ??r the UK i? th? diff?r?n???? in h??w mu??h h?ir transplant cost and the ?x??ri?n??? levels of the doctors. S??, it i? n??t a surprise t?? ??? th?t Turk??? ????n?u?r?d th? medical t??uri?m fi?ld in t?rm? ??f h?ir transplants ?nd ??th?r ???th?ti?? ?urg?ri??.

On? ??f th? ????untri?? fr??m whi??h more ?nd more ??ti?nt? ?r? tr?v?lling to th? ??lini??? ??f I?t?nbul ?v?r?? ????r i? th? Unit?d Kingd??m. Indeed, the Engli?h r?nk ??????nd with r?g?rd t?? th? b?ld??t ?????l? in th? w??rld, ??nl?? ?ur?????d b?? the Czech R??ubli??. With 42.6% ??f m?l? baldness, it i? n??t ?ur?ri?ing th?t th? Briti?h are th? m?in ??ti?nt? ??f the h?ir tr?n??l?nt ??lini??? in Turkey.
Wh?n ????m??ring a h?ir tr?n??l?nt in Turk??? v? UK, m?n?? ?????l? ???tu?ll?? d??n't kn??w what m?k?? a h?ir tr?n??l?nt in Turk??? diff?r?nt fr??m a h?ir tr?n??l?nt in th? UK, ??r th??? think it? ju?t a ?u??ti??n ??f ?ri??ing, but littl? m??r?. H??w?v?r, th? f???t i? that th??usand? tr?vel ?v?r?? ????r t?? Turk??? -m?inl?? t?? I?t?nbul- f??r a h?ir transplant surgery. S??, wh?t ?r? th? r?????n? b?hind thi? ?h?n??m?n??n? It? just b????u?? of th? h?ir tr?n??l?nt ?????t in Turk???? N??, th?r? i? mu??h m??r?. S??m? ??f the best r??ut?d d????t??r? ?r? th?r?, ?nd th? country h?? ?l??? v?r?? m??d?rn ?nd cutting-edge f???iliti?? rated amongst the b??t in Eur????. D?? n??t f??rg?t that in the l??t ????r? Turk??? h?? b?????m? ??n? ??f th? m?in d??tin?ti??n? in th? world f??r health tourism.



1) Turk???:

It i? not a ?ur?ri?? f??r ?n????n? t?? ??? Turk??? ?t th? t??? th? li?t. Turk??? h?? m?n?? ISHRS (Int?rn?ti??n?l S????i?t?? ??f H?ir Restoration Surg?ri??) m?mb?rs ?nd some very di?tingui?h?d ISHRS fellow h?ir ?urg???n?. Furth?rm??r?, ???m? ??f th??? ISHRS registered d????t??r? are ?l??? ABHRS (Am?ri???n B???rd ??f H?ir R??t??r?ti??n S????i?t??) m?mb?r?. Wh?n ????u ????n?id?r th??? f???t?, it i? ????? t?? ??? th?t Turk??? h?? m?n?? t?l?nt?d ?nd ?x??ri?n??? d????t??r? who ??rf??rm h?ir tr?n??l?nt.
M??r???v?r, m???t ??f th? Turki?h ??lini??? ?r?f?r FUE method whi??h i? n?w?r, l??? ??inful ?nd f??t?r m?th??d in ????m??ri???n t?? ??ld?r FUT method as the FUT m?th??d l??v?? a big ?tri?? shaped ????r in th? d??n??r ?r??. Because ??f th? Turkish currency ?nd it? r?l?tiv?l?? ??h????r ?x??n??? th?n th? EU, UK and US th? ?????t? ??f th? ????r?ti??n? are ??h????r in Turk???. S??, in a w??? Turk??? ??ff?r? ????r?ti??n? with very ?x??ri?n???d ?nd ?????bl? d????t??r? with r?????n?bl? ?ri??? t?g?. Th? ?v?r?g? cost of a FUE hair tr?n??l?nt ?urg?r?? with ?n ?x??ri?n???d ?nd ?????i?liz?d d????t??r in Turkey i? ?r??und GBP 1k - 2k. Th? ?ri???? ??f ????ur?? d???nd ??n th? ????? ?nd however the clinics in Turkey offer all inclusive packages which includes 5* hotel, transfers, personal host and aftercare. Ar??und thi? ?ri??? range ????u ???n h?v? ????ur h?ir tr?n??l?nt with a v?r?? ?u?lifi?d d????t??r ?nd ?nj???? th? hi?t??ri???l b??uti?? ??f I?t?nbul ?nd Turk???.

2) Indi?:

Indi? might b? th? cheapest ???ti??n among the ????untri?? thi? article ?x?min??. The ?ri??? for a hair tr?n??l?nt in Indi? ???n b? ?? l??w ?? GBP 1k. It i? h?rd t?? d?t?rmin? a d?finitiv? ?????t ??r ?ri??? in the Indi?n m?rk?t ?in??? th?r? ?r? l??t? of b?rg?ining ?nd negotiation ?r????????? g??ing ??n b?f??r? th? ????r?ti??n?. On th? ??th?r h?nd, th?r? ?r? a f?w g????d d????t??r? for ???th?ti?? ?urg?ri?? in India th?t ?r? ??ff?ring FUT ?nd FUE m?th??d?, h??w?v?r ???m? questions r?i??d ?b??ut th? health and hygiene l?v?l? ??f th? Indian ??lini???. In a w???, India ??ff?r? m???b? th? ??h?????t prices f??r h?ir tr?n??l?nt ?urg?ri?? ?nd it has a l??t ??f touristic m?rit?. H??w?v?r, th?r? are some ????n???rn? ?b??ut th? ????nditi??n? ??f th? ??lini???.

3) Unit?d St?t??:

USA was a v?r?? ????ul?r d??tin?ti??n f??r th? h?ir tr?n??l?nt ????r?ti??n? with FUT m?th??d, h??w?v?r th? ri?? of n?w?r, l??? ??inful, and f??t?r FUE m?th??d m?d? th? ????ul?rit?? ??f FUT ?urg?ri?? imm?n??l?? d???r????. M???t of th? Am?ri???n d????t??r? and ??lini??? did n??t m?k? th? tr?n?iti??n t?? the n?w?r FUE m?th??d b????u?? of it? f??rm?r ????ul?rit?? in FUT. Th? prices ??f a hair tr?n??l?nt ?urg?r?? in US i? ?r??und GBP 11k. In thi? ??n??, US h?? ??n? ??f th? m???t ?x?en?iv? h?ir transplant ????r?ti??n ?ri???? in th? w??rld. Th? popularity ??f US f??r h?ir tr?n??l?nt surgeries d???r????d b????u?? ??f th??? high ?????t? ?nd ?r?f?r?n??? ??f th? FUT m?th??d in?t??d ??f FUE. It's also a minus to fly from the UK to the States as the plane tickets are much more expensive and the flight takes longer, on the other hand, you can find very cheap tickets to Turkey and the flight takes 3-4 hours.

4) S??uth K??r??:

S??uth K??r?? i? a v?r?? ????ul?r ???th?ti?? ?urg?r?? d??tin?ti??n f??r A?i?n ????untri??. S??uth K??r?? h?? g????d h?ir tr?n??l?nt ??lini??? ?nd capable d????t??r? who perform h?ir tr?n??l?nt surgeries in their ??lini???. Unlik? Turkey, S??uth K??r?? has m??r? ??lini??? th?t ?r?f?r? ??ld?r FUT m?th??d r?th?r than FUE. However, th?r? ?r? ?l??? ???m? ??lini??? th?t ?r? ?wit??hing t?? FUE m?th??d?. Th?r? ?r? ????u?l? ??f reasons f??r S??uth K??r??’? ????ul?rit?? h?? n??t r????h t?? Turk???. Th? fir?t reason i? the di?t?n??? ??f S??uth K??r?? fr??m th? w??t?rn ??rt ??f th? w??rld. It t?k?? ???r??x. 14 hours t?? r????h S??uth K??r?? which m?k?? it l??? ????ul?r in ????m??ri???n t?? Turk???. Th? ??????nd r?????n i? th? l???k ??f tourist ?ttr???ti??n? in S??uth K??r?? in ????m??ri???n t?? Turk???. Th? third r?????n i? th? price r?ng? ??f a h?ir tr?n??l?nt in S??uth Korea. A h?ir transplant ?????t approximately GBP 6k in S??uth K??r??, it i? f?r m??r? ?x??n?iv? and di?t?n???d th?n ??th?r options.


Wh?n ????u ????m??r? th? ?ri????, m?th??d? ?nd ?x??ri?n???? ??f th? h?ir ?urg???n?, Turk??? gets ahead ??f th? competition. Th? wid???r??d u?? ??f FUE m?th??d, b??t ?u?lit?? ??ui?m?nt, ?t?t? ??f th? ?rt ??lini??? ?nd highly ?u?lifi?d h?ir ?urg???n? m?k?? th??? d??tin?ti??n? ??n? ??f th? b??t in th? w??rld. ISHRS ?nd ABHRS registered d????t??r? wh?? u?? FUE m?th??d make th? bigg??t diff?r?n???. Furth?rm??r?, th? r?l?tiv?l?? l??w?r ?????t? ?nd num?r??u? ?ttr???ti??n? in thi? ????untr?? m?k?? it one ??f th? m???t advantageous ???ti??n?.
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"A human being is part of a whole, called by us the Universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty."

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