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Popular Hair Color Trends in 2021
Wednesday, 03 February 2021

Learn How to Create the Look at Cosmetology School

While enrolled in cosmetology school, students learn a variety of techniques and practices that will help them help their clients feel and look beautiful. One of the toughest things to learn is hair coloring. Because there are complex techniques involved in coloring and highlights, it takes plenty of hours to achieve mastery.
Professional cosmetologists continue to learn even after they’ve graduated from school. It’s this ongoing training and education that help them keep up-to-date on the latest hair coloring trends. Here’s a look at what you can expect to see in 2021.




Balayage continues to be a popular hair color trend, as it has been in years past. This technique is achieved by essentially painting the hair with dye for a natural-looking highlight. It gives dimension and color in one process.
In 2021, you can expect to see new twists on balayage, like pastel colors over blonde balayage, or brighter tones over light brown balayage. This look is ideal for people who don’t want to commit to bleaching their entire head of hair, but still want to participate in unique color trends.

Money Piece Highlights

Face-framing highlights add brightness to frame your face and upgrade traditional balayage and other highlight techniques. Subtle money piece highlights are usually two shades lighter than your natural hair color, but clients can go for an even more dramatic look by choosing lighter colors and a wider highlight. Beyonce’s current hair color features money piece highlights that add brightness and interest to her look.

Chunky Highlights

Chunky highlights were popular in the early 2000s, and they’re coming back in a big way. Normally achieved with natural hair shades, these chunky highlights are each between an inch and two inches wide and create a contrast against the rest of your hair color.
Symmetric placement creates an edgy look, like Lindsay Lohan’s character in the early 2000s film hit, Freaky Friday.

True Red

A shade popularized by Anya Taylor-Joy’s character in The Queen’s Gambit, rouge red is a true red shade with an air of sophistication. Single-process dye achieves this look in one appointment, but it requires regular maintenance to prevent fading and to keep roots from showing. The shade is somewhere between copper and auburn and looks lovely on people with a variety of complexions.

Winter "Bronde"

A mash-up between blonde and brown, winter "bronde" is also called sand tropez. It’s neither a golden nor ashy color, but somewhere in between. Mixing highlights and midlights results in this multi-dimensional shade that gives off a beachy, summery vibe even when the weather’s cold.

Mushroom Blonde

A few years ago, the hottest color was mushroom brown, a brunette color with an ashy tone. This year, mushroom blonde is set to be a hit. Somehow both brunette and dark blonde, this multi-dimensional shade includes colors like light brown, gray, and beige, plus that "mushroom" tone, which is where the ashy color comes from. This shade is perfect for blondes looking to go a little darker, and brunettes wishing for a lighter look. Supposedly, if you look at the underside of a mushroom cap and dye the hair according to what you see, this is the color you’d achieve. So grab a wild mushroom, flip it upside down, and see what you think!

All Natural Hair

Especially after enduring shutdowns in the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are opting to skip hair coloring altogether and grow out their natural hair color. This can be a frustrating process, because of the multiple tones and colors that appear in their hair, and a knowledgeable hair stylist can help guide them through, suggesting haircuts and styles to help conceal their roots and other growth-related surprises.

Where Can You Learn to Color Hair?

If you aspire to be a professional hair colorist, attending cosmetology school is your first step toward your new career. While you’re in school, you’ll learn hair coloring techniques, hair cutting, and sometimes nail care and make-up application. Cosmetology is an ideal career for those who love working with people and helping them look their best. You can often graduate in less than a year, depending on your state’s requirements, and become a licensed cosmetologist before 2022!
You can find one by doing a simple internet search of "cosmetology school near me". After touring your short-list of options, you’ll be able to find the one that’s the best fit for you.
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