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Thursday, 19 March 2020


Are you a new hairdresser? How is the experience? Well, it can be demanding. From mastering the art of hairdressing to knowing the type of hairdressing scissors to use—indeed being a hairdresser isn’t a joke. Plus, there are several tools you should familiarize yourself with. On these lines, this article is going to detail different types of scissors, how to use them, and proper maintenance tips. Plus, you will learn everything professional hairdressing scissors and how to achieve the best hairstyle cut. Keep reading.


Short-Bladed Scissors

When deciding which professional hairdressing scissors to purchase, it’s always important to check the length of the blades. In most cases, short-blades cutting scissors are utilized by hairstylists with smaller hands since they’re more lightweight and offer better control, hence reducing hand fatigue.

Long-Bladed Scissors

When it comes to barbering techniques, like scissors over the comb, it’s important to ensure that the scissor covers a greater portion of hair so as to cut it all off with a single snip. A long-bladed scissor will go a long way in ensuring that the cutting like isn’t crooked.

For blunt-cutting techniques requiring straight cutting lines, consider using scissors that are around six to seven inches.

Wide-Tooth Thinner Professional Scissors

Thinner scissors that feature a smaller number of teeth are an incredible addition for your kit. They’re uniquely designed to thin out chunks of hair. Plus, the teeth allow you to cut off a higher volume of hair with every snip. And this allows you to save time plus effort when you’re dealing with customers who’ve thick or coarse hair.

 Blending or Texturizing Scissors

When thinning out hair using a regular pair of cutting scissors, you might end up going overboard and cutting more than what you originally planned to. To avoid this, you need to purchase a thinner that’s fabricated with several teeth. The higher the number of teeth, the more efficiently the texturizing scissors will thin out hair without necessarily taking off too much at once.

Swivel Scissors

Spending long hours in the salon can exert a lot of pressure plus tension on your hands. Incorporating swivel scissors into your collection can go a long way in relieving pain from your wrist and hands.

With regular hairdressing scissors, your thumb usually gets trapped in a single position and might get painful after some time. Swivel scissors are uniquely designed to feature a rotating thumb that offers increased flexibility when handling them. Plus, they’re able to accommodate your natural hand movements, hence significantly reducing pain and providing more comfort to your hairstyling experience.

Why You Should Consider Hiring Professional Hairdressing Scissors

Professional haircutting scissors are often utilized by hairdressers to cut hair. So, be sure to invest in a good pair of haircutting scissors. There are numerous types of scissors available in today’s market, but the choice you make will be influenced by your personal preference.

Purchase scissors that perfectly suit your needs. And one of the best materials to consider is stainless steel. It’s both sharp and highly durable. Here are the top reasons why you should invest in haircutting scissors.

Look Professional

To achieve the best results, you need to use professional hair cutting scissors. Your clients need to be hundred percent sure that they’re dealing with a professional hairstylist. So, don’t give them a reason to doubt your skills. Most customers will always judge you according to the type of tools you use for sharpening their hair.


With professional hairdressing scissors, you can be sure of a high level of efficiency. Of course, you can pursue the long route of cutting your hair using the kitchen scissors. However, the fact is that kitchen scissors aren’t as efficient as their professional harassing counterparts. Professional hairdressing scissors tend to cut with more precision. This means that you can perfectly trim, cut, or style hair without much struggle. It’s also important to note that there are different types of scissors for different purposes. The only thing you are needed to do is to identify the right professional scissors and your work with be smooth. Purchase the right professional hairdressing scissors from https://www.ciseauxtech.fr/. They are efficient and highly durable. 

Hair Protection

Hair protection is a fundamental thing when it comes to hairdressing. No client will want to walk into a salon and get out with damaged hair. Plus, damaging someone’s hair can lead to a liability lawsuit. That’s why you should use the right salon tools. For instance, professional hairdressing scissors are specifically designed to handle hair. They are sharp—meaning that they can cut the hair evenly. This ensures that the hair tips are protected—allowing your hair to grow healthy. However, wrong scissors tend to damage the hair tips. This can lead to severe hair damage.

Time and Money Saving

Haircutting or styling can take time and money. Plus, if you have lots of clients to handle, things can be overwhelming. With the right scissors, you can save a lot of money and time. This is because professional hairdressing scissors are designed to cut and style more efficiently than their conventional counterparts. Even more, professional hairdressing scissors are extremely durable. This means that you won’t incur extra costs relating to maintenance and even replacing the whole unit. You can use your professional hairdressing scissors for years without making a replacement.

Choosing Professional Hairdressing Scissors Based on Style and Size

Choosing the right professional hairdressing scissors is important. However, with so many options on the market, things can be overwhelming. That’s why you require expert advice on how to choose scissors that are not only durable but also functional. Remember, choosing the right professional hairdressing scissors can save you time and money as well as make your work easy. Keep reading to learn how to select the right hair cutting scissors.


Normally, hairdressing scissors come in sizes ranging from 4.5" to 7" inches. Even more, these scissors are designed with offset as well as crane handles to address the issues of ergonomics. It’s also important to note that other types of scissors have traditional handles—making them easy to use. Plus, if you want a unique haircutting experience, you can choose to go with a bevel edge as well as convex edge blades.
 With professional hairdressing scissors, styles get an opportunity to unleash their creativity. For instance, you can create beautiful haircuts, restyle the hair, etc. That’s why you should always choose professional hairdressing scissors with the best edges.

Handle and Shape

Personal style plays a key role when it comes to the success of any hairdresser. You need a personal style with your scissors if you want to achieve precision. Thus, things like coating, polishing, and ergonomics come into play. Here is an overview of the handles in professional hairdressing scissors:

Classic Handles

With classic handles, you have professional hairdressing scissors featuring perfectly aligned blades (both upper and lower ones). The alignment with the handle makes it easy to hold and use. These handles are common with traditionally based scissors.

Offset Handles

With offset handles i.e. offset as well as semi offset) are normally slightly angled. Plus, they come with shortened handle shank featuring a thumb ring. With these handles, you can be sure of comfort since they allow the hand to be placed in a comfortable as well as a relaxed position.

Crane Offset Handles

Another type of handle is the crane based offset handles. Designed with the biggest angle, these handles have an upper blade that is completely straight. On the other hand, the handle shank together with the thumb has a sharp downward angle.

Cutting Style for Your Explicit Hairdressing Style

Did you know that the type of professional hairdressing scissors you purchase will influence the style you choose to cut in your salon? Well, that’s a fact. That’s why you should get it right with the type of professional hairdressing scissors you purchase. Plus, it’s important to understand every part of the shear in addition to blades. This is because different scissors yield different haircuts.

Scissor Blades

Are you new in the hairdressing industry? Well, then it’s important to start with professional beginner scissors. With these scissors, you have tools that you can use to practice on mannequins, students, as well as apprentice hairdressers. The best beginner scissors are the serrated scissors. Choosing micro-serrated scissors is advantageous because they can easily grip the air—creating simple but straight cuts. However, you cannot use this type of scissors to slice (i.e. slice cutting) or chop.

On the other hand, you can decide to go for professional-grade based scissors. In this case, it’s advisable to purchase the convex edge blades. This type of scissor comes with excellent edges—making them a perfect choice when it comes to producing smooth and sharp cuts.

The Bottom-line

Don’t let the idea of being new in the hairdressing industry pin you down. You too, like those big times, you can do it in style. All you need is to brush your skills. You need to purchase the right tools. Don’t forget to get it right with the equipment you choose. The above guide contains everything hairdressing tools—especially when it comes to different types of scissors on the market. Familiarize yourself with these scissors and be a master of the hairdressing game.
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