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Universal Rules for Good Hair Care
Friday, 19 July 2019

 No matter what hair color, texture or style you have, everybody desires to have a perfect hair which looks preened by a hair expert on a regular basis. Well, every hair type requires some additional care to maintain its quality and health. Here are some key rules to acquire healthier, happier and fuller tresses.

 See, how you wash your hair

People change their hair washing habits thinking about the damage it causes to the air. Over washing damages your hair. When you wash your hair daily, it sheds away the protein and natural oils from your hair which is important to keep the scalp and hair healthy. So, make sure you just wash your hair thrice a week.

Dry shampoo can be your friend

If you have greasy hair, then you can make use of dry shampoo in between the washes to get rid of excess oil. However, make sure you don’t rely too much on dry shampoo as it may create build up on the scalp and hamper hair growth.

Choose optimum protection for your hair

Your hair can get damaged by UV rays and hair dryers, tongs and straighteners and rollers. Thus, it is important to give right protection to your hair. While drying your hair, you should use a heat protector. Do not blow dry from too close or it may cause split ends. Condition your hair inside out to seek protection from UV rays. And, also when curling your hair, do not use local products. Use the best curling iron to get your curls done. It gives you perfect styling and no damage.

Use good tools to style your hair

Your hair is just like your skin and what you use on it will affect it. Thus, you should always use good quality products to keep your hair healthy and strong. At home, you can use a round brush for blow drying. Use a tail and styling comb to move your hair according to you. Good brushes are worth your investment and they will last forever, if taken right care.

Hair conditioning is of great importance

Good conditioner is very important for your hair quality. For curly hair, make sure you deep condition. The two-minute conditioner rule doesn’t apply here. Conditioner adds strength and moisture to your hair and strengthens it. In order to ensure that your hair absorbs conditioner, towel dry your hair after you have shampooed and then apply it.

Enhance your brushing techniques

Who wants a messy mane, so it is important to brush your hair properly. Do not be too aggressive while brushing your hair or you may end up damaging your locks. For perfectly untangled, shiny and healthy hair brush your hair twice a day. Always brush from the bottom and then go up, especially if you have long tresses.
Do not brush wet hair as they are more susceptible to breakage. Use a wide-tooth comb for brushing and make sure you use the right hair care products suitable for your hair type to get 100% accurate results for your hair.
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