5 Things To Make In A Blender for Healthier Eating

If you’re trying to eat healthier by cooking at home, you know how hard it is to create delicious meals without the help of certain kitchen appliances. A blender is one kitchen appliance you must have.



 You probably already have one; however, you may want to look at blender authority for an upgraded appliance before you do anything else.Once you have a powerful tool in stock, the following are 5 food items can made with a blender for healthier eating.
1. Granola Balls

Are you craving something sweet, but avoiding cookies and other baked treats? Granola balls serve as a great alternative for the deserts you’re craving. Granola balls are delicious treats that don’t need to be prepped or baked. All you have to do is pulse the ingredients you want in the blender. This process will make them sticky enough to shape into a ball or the traditional granola bar.

2. Gazpacho

Gazpacho is a soup from Spain and Portugal that is served cold. It’s a great, refreshing treat during a hot summer. It’s typically a combination of garlic, tomatoes, and cucumbers with a dash of fresh-cracked pepper, salt, and olive oil. It’s super easy to make, especially if you have a blender. You pulse all of the ingredients together until you have a smooth consistency. The fresh vegetables combined with the correct moderation of salt guarantees that this is a healthy, easy option.

3. Sauces

Your decision to eat better shouldn’t be punished with the curse of bland food. Besides liberally seasoning your meals, you can also make your own homemade, healthy sauces with the help of your blender. You can make nearly any sauce imaginable with this kitchen tool. Much like making gazpacho, you just have to toss the ingredients in the receptacle and blend. You can make a nice tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes, garlic, onions, and whatever else you want for your homemade pasta or cheat day pizza.

Another easy sauce you can make that is healthy, popular, and tasty is pesto. Pesto is usually made in a food processor, but you can easily get the consistency that you need through the use of a well-made blender. The basil-packed, nutty sauce tastes great with chicken, grains, salmon, and many other foods associated with a good diet.

4. Dips

Chips and dip are a delicious snack that you don’t have to give up if you’re trying to eat better. The only change you need to make is the types of chips and dips you have. There are many different kinds of healthy chips and chip substitutes out there. As for dips, you can make them at home if you have a blender. Much like sauces, dips are usually made with a food processor, but a good blender can do the job just fine.

When it comes to the types of dips you can make, the options are endless. For some healthy ideas, consider salsa, guacamole, or hummus. Simply throw in some avocado, tomatoes, onions, garlic, lime juice, and a pinch of salt, and you’ll have the tasty homemade guacamole you love at parties and restaurants.

5. Cauliflower Rice

If your new diet limits the grains you eat, have no fear. With a blender, you can make cauliflower rice to serve as a replacement for any recipes that require rice. You can buy packaged cauliflower rice or use a cheese grater to grind the vegetable up. However, using a blender is a fresher and easier solution without an arm workout. You'll feel proud of your ability to make a healthy and delicious dinner side at home.
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