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7 Secrets That Can Easily Change Your Eating Habits
Tuesday, 15 July 2008

You are what you eat! Want to be healthy – change your eating habits! Summer is the best season to create your new healthy eating habits. It’s no so difficult to stop eating junk food and to start new healthy, tasty life.

healthy eating



Here are 7 easy tips that can really help you to change your eating habit!

1. Drink More Water!

healthy eating habits drink water

Water is life! We were born in water, our body consists mostly of water - water is the #1 item in your new healthy eating list! Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. And you need even more in summer. Try to drink more in the morning, don’t drink a lot before you go to sleep.
Secret tip: make notes – simply draw 8 lines and cross them when you have your glass of water. It will help you to drink the right amount of water.

2. Healthy Breakfast

healthy eating habits breakfast

Eat more in the first part of the day. Your breakfast should be healthy and fulfill you with energy! Eat cereals, whole grains – you need to consume cellulose and complex carbohydrates to have enough energy and to make your digestive system work better and to feel satiation longer.

3. Eat Fruits

healthy eating habits fruits

Summer is the best time to eat fresh fruits. You will get lots of vitamins, cellulose, useful digestive elements and simple pleasure. Include fruits to your daily ration and you’ll get splash of healthy energy!

4. Must–Eat: Omega-3 Fats

healthy eating habits omega 3 fatty acids

Don’t miss these! Omega-3 fats are very important for your health and beauty! High-omega-3 foods help prevent a wide range of medical problems, including cardiovascular disease, depression, asthma, and rheumatoid arthritis. Even if you’re vegetarian, you should know that salmon, flax seeds and walnuts are excellent food sources of omega 3 fatty acids.

5. Vegetables – Your Best Friends

healthy eating habits vegetables

Vegetables must be the main part of your daily ration. You can eat boiled, steamed, fried, and of course fresh vegetables. You will enjoy the delicious taste, healthy benefits and vitamins boost. Your body will definitely thank you!

6. Avoid Sugar and Sweets

healthy eating habits honey, sugar, sweets

Yes! I have to say it. These carbohydrates are not good for your health. But if you can’t live without sweeties – you can eat natural honey and dark chocolate. Still you will have to limit the amounts.

7. Stay Positive

healthy eating habits good mood

Your good mood is very important! Stay positive, smile, laugh , enjoy your life and enjoy your eating! :)


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