9 Ways to Start Eating Healthier at Home

 Making healthy food is an important step towards an overall healthy lifestyle. There are many ways to make cooking at home healthier, and it’s easier than you may think! 

 We’ve compiled a helpful list of ways you can jumpstart your healthy cooking lifestyle and make healthy meals at home.

1. Use Oil Instead of Butter

While using butter in your cooking is certainly tasty, it can be fattening and unhealthy. Instead of butter, try using olive oil or vegetable oil. 

A little goes a long way when you’re using oil. Use a tablespoon of oil in a pan before you start cooking on the stove, or use a paper towel with oil to grease a pan before baking. This will greatly improve your health and cooking with it is very easy.

2. Buy an Air Fryer

Everyone likes fried food, but its among one of the least healthy ways to prepare your food. An air fryer is a great alternative to enjoy the delicious taste of fried foods without the negative health repercussions. 

Buying an air fryer can be confusing, but there are many helpful websites like Nuageuse.fr that can help you find the best affordable air fryer for your home. 

3. Start Planning Your Meals

Planning your meals week by week is a great way to make sure that you are eating healthy and balanced meals. This is also very helpful when sticking to a strict budget, as you can plan your grocery shopping needs ahead of time.

4. Use Other Proteins Instead of Meat

There are many other ways to get the protein you need in your diet other than meat. Try planning out your meals to include eggs, fish, legumes, or tofu. These are great alternatives to meat that can help you maintain healthy meals without the negative effects that meat can cause. 

Search online for recipes that include these meat substitutes for tasty meal options if you do not know where to start.

5. Try Starting a Garden

Growing your own produce is cheap, easy, and a great way to avoid the pesticides that are found in many grocery store products. Seeds are cheap, and there are many easy things to grow in your backyard. 

We suggest trying a variety of herbs, tomatoes, onions, or sprouts. Grow things that you use frequently in your cooking. 

6. Start Checking Nutrition Labels

Nutrition labels have everything you need to know about what you are putting in your body. If there are a lot of ingredients on the nutrition label, the food you are buying is likely more processed and therefore less healthy. 

Buying healthier ingredients is a small way to greatly improve your cooking at home.

7. Use Less Salt and Sugar

Many of us use more salt and sugar than we should when we are cooking. Your goal should be to use six to nine teaspoons of sugar per day. You should also consume less than 2,300 mg of sodium each day. Adding unnecessary salt and sugar can increase your risk for kidney disease or heart disease, so try to steer clear as best you can.

8. Incorporate More Whole Foods into Your Meals

Using whole grains in your meals is a great healthy option. It is also very beneficial to use fresh produce and fresh meat and fish. These options contain less sodium, more vitamins, and more antioxidants. You can use whole grains in any meal of the day, including dessert!

9. Use More Fruits and Veggies

Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet has many benefits. Try making a few meatless meals throughout the week to boost the amount of nutrients you receive. 

A general rule of thumb for proportions is that half of your plate should be full of fruits and vegetables while a quarter should be reserved for protein, and the last quarter reserved for starch.



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