Corrie Cooks: The instant pot is capable of doing wonders
Monday, 18 May 2020

 Since the very beginning when people used to live in caves, they had to do huge toils and moils to avail their nutrition. This was a tough job to counter and took hours in hunting and cooking procedures. Later on, when the leaf turned towards civilization, many things changed ranging from availing food to have casual household tasks. Years ahead, when stepped into the current century, push-button existence has come up with lots of simplicities in day to day tasks. Above all, life has become way too simpler. Thanks to the technology, that knocked our doors at the right time. Otherwise, we would have been dumped straight away into the dark ages. 

 Despite this, we have achieved a lot, yet, there is a long way to go. Among all the ease that is ever brought to you, Corrie Cooks is one of the most preferred ones. It's all because of your attention and priority. Corrie Cooks is there to let you know the amazing hacks and wonders that you can have in terms of food by using Instant pot. So, what are you waiting for? Let's move ahead to look at the wonders from the grounds of Corrie Cooks.


Corrie Cooks understand the fact that no matter a woman who is either a housewife or a working lady does not want to spend long hours in the kitchen yet, do not want to compromise on the health of your family. The instant pot is amazing to cater to you in every way. below are some hacks that will tend to bring a positive change in your life. Have a look.

1. Choose the pressure adequately according to your dish

Make sure whatever pressure you use; it coincides with your dish. For instance, every time you make a dessert you should be confined to a lower range of it.

This will keep on the taste mesmerizing.

2. Freeze meals can also be cooked well in the instant pot

Isn’t it amazing to cook your meal immediately soon after it is taken out of the freezer? Why not! Corrie Cooks recommend you try this hack with the instant pot. Trust us, it is worth doing.

3. Check out the water line for the desired food

There is a significant reason why there is a water line provided with every instant pot. You should use water adequately as per the instruction for a variety of food. Moreover, Corrie Cooks is there to guide you through your recipe. 

4. Save your food from burning out

If you are new in the kitchen, probably you face this time and again. Corrie Cooks guides you to add a small amount of water in your instant pot if you find that your food is burning. Surely, this will slow down the cooking process.

5. Proper release of heat 

Your instant pot is provided with two options. Either to release heat immediately as the food is cooked or it is realized naturally. Corrie Cooks suggests you go with the second option especially when you are dealing with the meat. This will make meat juicy. Else, it will turn tough.

6. You must know about slow

Some cookers are provided with an option of “low slow”and “high low”. Corrie Cooks suggest that you must set on a high slow option. This will keep on your recipe done adequately within the desired time. This will make things easy.

7. Try popping up

Probably, you love the idea of making popcorn in the oven. Corrie Cooks suggest you add popcorn seeds in the instant pot with some cheese flavor and avail the well-cooked popcorn snack at your hand. Isn't it amazing? Yes of course!


As you have seen now how you can have wonders with cooking in your instant pot, you are all set to provide nutrition to your family. Above all, Corrie Cooks knows what suits you the best.
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