Dieting or Not?
Wednesday, 31 October 2007

If you change your thoughts, you’ll change your world. When I think about a diet, I automatically think of a temporary situation. Most people say “I’m going on a diet”, which implies at some point that they will be going off that diet, too.

dieting or not



When you are on a diet, once you reach your goal, you give yourself permission to go back to they way you used to eat because, well, you’re “done with your diet”.

There are lots of reasons to go on a diet: class reunions, family pictures, or swimsuit season etc. But the reunion will end, the pictures will be taken and cold weather will return. So where does that put you?


What we need to do is make lifestyle changes. Thinking about changing the way you live your life automatically gives it a sense of permanence. If you change the way you live your life, what are the chances that you will look back and say “You know, I was so much happier when my eating was out of control and I sat around all day”? I would venture to guess pretty slim.

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If you make even a few changes in the way you live your life, you will never have to “diet” again. Eating healthy will become second nature, and BEING healthy will become the norm.

So? It’s your choice what to do: to go for a diet or to be healthy all the timeSmile


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