Do’s And Don’ts of Healthy Eating
Friday, 28 May 2021

Eating right will keep you energized all day, help you get things done, and push your limits to an effective workout! Every athlete dreams of having an endless supply of strength and energy in order to cope with all daily activities playfully. And then also train to the maximum of his abilities. And while endless stamina is a pipe dream, you can recharge your batteries for an entire day with these do's and don'ts rules for your diet.

Formally, any food gives energy, filling the body with calories. But not all foods are equally beneficial. Your choices have a huge impact on your energy levels throughout the day. If you want to stay focused, efficient, and capable of great accomplishments, follow these guidelines.

1. Avoid Skipping Meals

Don't: Skip meals
Do: Eat often and in small portions
Skipping meals deprives the body of the calories and nutrients it needs to stay active. When the body receives little food, it tries to preserve the energy and goes into a state reminiscent of hibernation. As a result, you feel drowsy and tired.
Frequent small meals provide the body with a continuous supply of ready-made energy. When small meals are healthy, balanced, and properly distributed over time, your blood glucose levels remain stable throughout the day. It also helps you avoid any energy surges or abnormal drops in performance.

2. Avoid Eating Unhealthy Breakfast

Don't: Start the day with donuts
Do: Eat a healthy breakfast
Confectionery is rich in sugar and unhealthy fats, but they are low in protein and fiber. This combination works against you and creates a vicious circle. After sweets, you will very soon be craving to eat in order to get those nutrients that your body lacks.
Eat healthy breakfast foods that are high in complex carbohydrates and protein. Complex carbohydrates contain fiber, which gets absorbed slowly. And as a result, provide a sustained feeling of fullness with stable glucose levels.
Protein stimulates muscle development, improves metabolism, and enhances satiety. When you do feel the urge to eat within an hour after eating, your body can direct energy to more important tasks.

3. Give Up Energy Drinks

Don't: Drink energy drinks
Do: Sip coffee or tea
The ingredients in energy drinks that manufacturers claim to provide a boost are poorly understood and are not regulated by regulatory agencies. They can energize, but they can also lead to serious health problems such as nervousness, anxiety, and tachycardia.
It's no secret that caffeine sharpens consciousness and stimulates the body as a whole by blocking fatigue receptors in the brain. Since caffeine lasts about 6 hours, try to drink coffee in the first half of the day or in the morning.
It will help you have a high mental performance and concentration without compromising a good night's sleep. Black coffee and herbal teas also contain antioxidants that enhance the body's natural defenses.

4. Eat Balanced Foods

Don't: Overeat at lunch
Do: Eat light and balanced food
Due to overeating and the consumption of plentiful, heavy food, insulin secretion increases sharply. As a result, all energy gets directed to digest a large amount of food, and you feel a breakdown. While this rule applies to any meal, the middle of the day is the time when you need to be especially careful.
Make it a rule to eat a light lunch with healthy ingredients that energize you rather than make you sleepy. A turkey and whole-grain bread sandwich or quinoas with grilled salmon are some examples of light and healthy meals.

5. Avoid Carbonated Drinks

Do not: Give up carbonated drinks
Do: Drink more water
Carbonated drinks, like chocolate bars, are loaded to capacity with simple sugars, but there are no nutrients in them. Your body gets a quick source of ready-made energy, which is great if you're going to run 5 kilometers. Otherwise, all those useless calories turn into fat, and you find yourself in a broken trough.
Besides, also avoid drinking excessive alcohol as it has similar effects and slows down the metabolism. You need to consult a specialist if you are not able to give up this habit. Addiction to alcohol may be common, but many are recovering from it as well. Thus, be committed and strive to become a healthy person.

6. Avoid Eating Chocolates For Snacks

Don't: Snack on chocolate bars
Do: Eat fresh fruits
Sweets and bars are a disaster for your stamina and energy. An excess of simple sugars causes a sharp rise in blood glucose, followed soon after by the same sharp decline. Most bars have more energy than you need from a snack. As a result, you feel sleepy, and excess energy gets stored in adipose tissue.
Eat, drink juice, or sniff grapefruit. Experiments show that this fruit can speed up metabolism. Even a simple inhalation of essential oils can sharpen the perception. Please note that people who are taking medication should consult with their doctor to see if they can follow this healthy habit.

7. Do Not Follow Strict Diets

Don't: Limit yourself too much
Do: Understand your needs
Fashionable diets often deprive the body of certain food categories, and this leads to nutritional deficiencies. Due to this, it becomes impossible to maintain high energy reserves. For example, restricting carbohydrates deprives the body of a source of ready-made energy, and avoiding animal products leads to an iron deficiency.
Without such deficiencies, your body cannot handle an intense workout. Regardless of the diet you choose, try to eat different foods to get all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

Take Away

Remember that nutrition is only one piece of the puzzle; there are many other factors that affect the supply of strength and energy. These include health, medication, sleep, hormonal levels, stress levels, and physical activity.
To find out how your diet and lifestyle affect your performance throughout the day, write down your habits. Keep a diary of food, drink, and exercise, and note how you feel throughout the day. This will help you see the big picture and boost your vitality based on your individual needs.
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