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Four Tips for Restaurant SEO Marketing
Friday, 12 February 2021

In the modern world, people rely on the internet for everyday decision-making. As Atastic Digital Marketing will tell you, this means getting your online restaurant marketing right has never been more important.SEO can help your restaurant stand out in the crowded online marketplace, ensuring you attract a wider range of customers. But what is SEO? And how can it benefit your restaurant?

SEO is a method of increasing visibility on search engine results pages by using a few specially selected keywords that highlight key aspects of a brand. The result is a higher ranking on search engines and increased web traffic.

Read on for our tips on the crucial aspects of SEO for your restaurant.
1 - Finding Your Keywords
Keyword optimization involves identifying the most relevant search terms related to the service you offer and utilizing them in your content.
Keywords can be either "short-tail", like "restaurant", or "long-tail", like "Vietnamese restaurant New York". As you can see, long-tail keywords are more likely to reflect a search-term that customers would input to find your restaurant. Therefore, identifying the best ones for your restaurant is crucial for your SEO.
It is vital to find keywords highlighting your niche and what you do best. "Vietnamese restaurant New York" is quite specific, but still a crowded field. If you specialize in pho, then phrases like "Vietnamese pho New York" will make you stand out more.
2 - Using Your Keywords
Once you've found the best keywords for your restaurant, how do you use them in a way that truly optimizes your content?
The first place to look is in header tags, i.e. the headings on your website that inform the reader of different sections. Using keywords in your headers enables search engines to define and boost your content. It also lets readers know that they're in the right place.
You should also look at using keywords to optimize your meta-descriptions (the brief summaries of a page's contents under headings). A concise, informative meta-description that reinforces your keywords is an excellent way to draw customers to your business while boosting your visibility.
Next, you need to think about your website content and your how content circulates in the wider web.
3 - Onsite Content
Keywords and phrases cleverly and naturally embedded in engaging content on your website is a great way to get customers clicking and interested in your restaurant.
Articles and blogs are an excellent way to boost your brand and create this on-site content. Articles can help you highlight your expertise and position your restaurant as a leader in its sector. You could, for example, give a short history of a recipe or cooking technique that you use.
A blog, meanwhile, will give your website a personal touch, with a more informal, familiar tone. You might do a weekly profile of an employee or maybe offer a behind-the-scenes look at your kitchen.
Whatever written content you produce, articles and blogs are a great way to enrich your brand, while plugging your keywords.
4 - Offsite Content
The world lives on social media these days. As such, it plays a huge role in helping restaurants build their brand. An engaging social media presence can draw huge amounts of attention to your restaurant. However, every platform differs, so it is vital to get the content and tone-of-voice right for each.
That might mean posting mouth-watering pics with witty captions and loads of hashtags on Instagram. For Facebook, you might go for a snippet from a review. Either way, social media is the perfect platform to establish a brand voice and to get people clicking on your website (we call this backlinking).
Outside of social media, you might think about hosting your blogs or press releases on different domains. This is a great way to spread the word and to proliferate more backlinks to your website.
If you really want to make your restaurant grow, you will need a good digital marketing agency in Los Angeles.
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