Healthy foods that should be part of every woman’s Diet and How to maintain Healthy body
Monday, 30 April 2018

Every day, more and more women make the life changing decision to take care of their bodies by healthy eating. This coupled with regular exercise and a positive outlook on life will get a woman the healthy body she has always wanted and many added health and social benefits. Other than methods like meal replacement shakes to substitute junk food, will work. But they need to be combined with real fruit and vegetables as well. For a woman who wants to improve her nutrition, here are some foods that she should eat on her way to health.

  •  Greens: a woman’s nutritional needs cannot be fully settled unless she includes leafy vegetables like spinach, collards, and chard. While most women will put the greens in salads; they can also be added in soups, chopped and added to omeletstogether with other vegetables, and added to sandwiches. Leafy vegetables are rich in fiber, folic acid, lutein and calcium.
  • Healthy herbs and spices: healthy herbs and spices are also known as super foods for our bodies. They are miracle of nature and in different ways that can help in prevention and healing of many medical issues. Herbs can also be very effective in natural weight loss (source).
  • Fruit: nutritionists will always tell you that all the processing fruits need is to be washed before eating. Cooking them produces toxins and eliminates the wealth of benefits that they come loaded with.  While they aresugary, fruit peels come with pectin which reduces the speed at which the body absorbs carbs and sugars. A good habit is to snack on fresh fruits, especially berries in place of cookies, cakes and chips. Loaded with nutrients, fruit should provide you with lots of energy everyday.
  • Raw nuts: a doctor one said that a handful of nuts will do more for the body than will a sausage. Unlike the common belief, chewing on raw nuts will not make you fat. In fact, they will assist you to keep cancer and heart complications away. This will be done by the omega fatty acids, magnesium and protein. Nutritionists warn that cooked or roasted nuts could cause an imbalance in your sugar levels and so they should be taken in moderation.
  • Plain yogurt: unless you are allergic to lactic acid, dairy products are a serious source of calcium that is needed by a woman’s body. Plain or low fat yogurt is a decent addition to a woman’s diet at any stage of her life. You need not buy the fruit mixed yogurt. You can mix your own fruit in the house with plain yogurt for a complete healthy drink.
  • Colored vegetables:  Green vegetables are vital for women’s health, and so are the deep colored vegetables. Courgettes, carrots, broccoli, cauliflowers, peppers and aubergines have nutrients galore and are a fantastic addition to a woman’s diet as well.

Taking these and other healthy foods need not banish you from touching your burger again. Once in a while you can indulge, if only to keep your cravings in control. Sometimes, busy lives leave no room for elaborate food preparation and a woman may tale a meal replacement shake to work. What a woman needs most though is to keep the eye on the prize; a healthy body and a good life.

Great Habits for Maintaining A Healthy Body

As health and fitness experts will tell you, exercise and good nutrition is what builds a healthy body. The two go hand in hand and one will not function well without the other. This means that while you are having your regular exercise, it must be supported by healthy eating habits all of which promotes the health and fitness of the body. 

Obesity has been in the news lately, and increasingly so. While many people will want to avoid obesity because of looks and appearance, health is the main thing that should drive people to lose weight and start eating and living healthy. Here are some good habits necessary to enhance your body’s health.

  • Breakfast: nutrition experts claim that breakfast is the main meal of the day. While many people would disagree with that, the nutritionists have a point. Breakfast is the foundation of the day’s success as it gives the body the necessary energy to get through the day. Breakfast needs to be nutritious and wholesome to make this effect.
  • Regular small meals: a healthy body needs adequate time to digest and absorb food. This means that meals should be spaced appropriately. 5 small meals a day are advocated for rather than a light breakfast, heavy lunch and heavy dinner.  If you are on a strength training program, it is advised to eat protein heavy food before the workout and after the workout too. Skipping a meal is not advised. This will set off an imbalance in the metabolism the body is accustomed to. A meal replacement shake would be a good substitute to have with you if a meal will not be readily available.
  • Exercise: this, and nutrition are the cornerstones of a healthy body. Ideally, one should exercise daily, but strength training should be limited to a maximum of 3 intensive sessions a week. This allows the body to go into recovery mode after all the stress the muscles have gone through in the sessions. Daily exercising requires a lot less intensity. It could be as simple as a 15 minute walk, jog or just some simple stretching exercises.
  • Drink lots of water: doctors advice on at least eight glasses of water every day. They have a point; the body’s metabolism and general functioning need water regularly. This is especially so when you are involved in an intensive workout routine. Your body loses a lot of water during exercise and you will need to replenish your body’s supply to avoid dehydration.

Health and nutrition should not be taken lightly as they are the foundation of a healthy body. Proper meals at the right time as well as exercise should be enough to give you the body you need and deserve

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