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How the Frozen Yogurt Craze Hasn?t Slowed Down
Wednesday, 07 July 2021


Frozen yogurt is the nutritious treat you can enjoy all summer long to keep your diet in check. That is why it has become as the sovereign of hot-weather desserts. Now frozen yogurt became the cool, new trend that has replaced ice cream. Both frozen yogurt and ice cream are milk-based foodstuffs. Frozen yogurt or fro- yo was formerly presented as a low-fat substitute to ice cream and vended as a health food in the western world. With the passage of time more people switched to frozen yogurt and it started competing with the traditional frozen dessert like ice cream.

There are many reasons that How the frozen yogurt craze hasn’t slowed down instead it has increased. Here they are:

Healthy dessert:

Health conscious people choose frozen yogurt instead of ice cream because milk is used in frozen yogurt instead of cream. It is also lower in fat than ice cream because of the replacement of milk instead of heavy cream.

No flavor limits:

Frozen yogurt is found in a variety of flavors and styles. Creations Frozen Yogurt is the best yogurt place in Bergen where you can enjoy more than 20 flavors of frozen yogurt in a unique style. We give you the choice to enjoy one, two, or nine flavors in your cup at the same time.

Trendy flavors

No more quarantine to the same old vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry we offer exclusive and diverse flavors that usually change with the season with unique and healthy topping ideas like Raspberry, Vanilla Chai Latte, candies and Cookie Butter or whatever you want. We allow you to create your own masterpiece and enjoy with a lot of fun.

5. Diabetic patients can also use:

Diabetic patients can also use sugar free frozen yogurt because lactose which is found in both milk and ice cream, is no found in yogurt because of the live cultures in yogurt that make it healthy for diabetic patients. Creations Frozen Yogurt also provides sugar-free and fat-free alternatives because we are very conscious about the health of our customer.

Helps in losing weight:

As nutritional benefits are concerned, yogurt also beats ice cream by far. Frozen yogurt not only comprises a good amount of carbohydrates, protein and vitamins but also contains a lot of calcium which helps to make our bones strong. It also helps in losing weight because it contains low fat and calories.

Boost the immune system:

Frozen yogurt is considered a healthy food because it holds probiotics and healthy bacteria that support the body in digestion and improve our immune system by catalyzing the creation of important vitamins that retain our body healthy and fit.

Low Level of Lactose:

Frozen yogurt holds probiotics so people who are facing lactose intolerance may be able to use it without any digestive issues because it contains low level of lactose.


Frozen yogurt is a delightful option for a cold treat! Because of numerous benefits, frozen yogurt is considered as a health food that can be used at any time of the day. That is the why frozen yogurt craze hasn’t slowed down instead it has increased from last few years.
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