Mobile Scheduling Apps: the Newest Tech to Help Manage Employees
Tuesday, 23 April 2019

There’s a flood of new technology hitting the market all the time, and not all of it is essential. Sometimes it’s flashy, but not very functional. Though sometimes there’s an app that truly does play a crucial role for people, often because it makes life easier. For people in the restaurant industry, this means mobile scheduling apps. Read on to see how managers and all restaurant staff benefit from restaurant scheduling software.

Schedules, Quickly

The main function of this software is to reduce the time it takes to make a schedule, which it does by as much as 80%. It does this by a combination of predictive technology, as well as facilitating the process for gathering inputs from all the staff. This means the schedule is as automated as possible, but it’s also extremely easy for staff to communicate their availability to their manager, as well as ask for time off.

Staff can use drag-and-drop features on their phone to connect with their manager easily and remotely. This is one of the primary ways mobile scheduling apps can transform your business because they enable the most vital communication to be done quickly and efficiently. Your manager will always be certain that they have a full head count for every shift, and your staff will find it easier to plan their personal and work life.

Stay Staffed on the Fly

If there is a change to the schedule, everyone receives a notification on their phone. This means that in an emergency, your manager can find someone to cover a shift quickly. They can post to the group chat that they need someone to drop in, and whoever is free can write that they’re able to cover the shift.
It could resolve what would otherwise be a crisis in a matter of minutes by making it easy to find internal help, rather than remain closed during normal operating hours or work shorthanded.

Reduces Turnover

One of the biggest problems restaurant managers face is high turnover. It’s hard to find the right new employee, and even training good candidates can be expensive. Mobile scheduling apps contribute to employee satisfaction not only by easing the frustrating process of schedule creation, but improving work-life balance.

Mobile scheduling apps have a time clock function which can be set to ensure staff take their regulated breaks for coffee or lunch. This keeps them fresh during the day, and because it’s easy to request time off and keep apprised of their schedule, staying organized day-to-day both for work and their personal life is simple. This is a big win for staff and management alike.

There are still many other incredibly useful functions for this software, like its ability to integrate with your Point of Sales system and unlock key data, its dashboard function that keeps managers informed and log books that make tracking key data easy. But the above are just some of the reasons why more and more restaurant managers are using this software to help manage their employees.
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