Some things to know about Halibut

What is halibut? Halibut is a flatfish family sea fish. Length up to 470 cm and weight up to 340 kg. Distributed in the northern parts of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, in the Bering and Okhotsk seas; off the coast of North America. Halibut is one of the most expensive fish due to its elastic white meat. A good source of vitamin D, protein and selenium. How about halibut taste? It’s amazingly tasty fish whose meat contains almost no bones. The meat is fat, white and elastic.


Brief History

From prehistoric times, local Aboriginal people who lived off the California coast to the Bering Sea captured Pacific halibut using a fibrous forest and a hook made of wood or bone. Some caught from a canoe or kayak, others - set the hooks with bait during one outing and took prey during the next. Fishermen supplying salmon to Alaska's first canning factory in Klawok in 1878 also delivered some of that huge flat fish. In the 16th-17th centuries, the Russian coast began hunting halibut.

Positive and negative qualities

Halibut meat contains valuable omega-3 fatty acids, which normalize the metabolism of the human body. The halibut contains 7 amino acids (aspartic acid, glutamic acid, alanine, valine, leucine, lysine, arginine), which play an important role in the fight against cancer. Halibut is rich of vitamin B12, and also contains vitamin D, E, A, such micro and macronutrients as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus. A sufficient amount of polysaturated fatty acids contributes to the preservation of vision even in old age. In addition, the use of halibut can reliably protect the body against the development of central nervous system diseases such as Alzheimer's disease.
Nutritionists do not recommend eating halibut with individual intolerance; people with hepatitis; patients with acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. High fat product in fried form is a warning to people who are overweight. Roasted and salted halibut is contraindicated for hypertensive patients. It is prohibited on the menu of kidney and liver disease.

How to prepare it

Did you know how to cook halibut? Commonly, the fish is cooked in a spicy broth with cucumber pickles. Finished fish is served with boiled potatoes, white bread rolls, served with polish, tomato sauce, capers, mustard sauce: the halibut fillet is cooked with wine. In addition, halibut is cooked for the preparation of aspic: boiled fish is served with broth, frozen in the fridge and garnished with greens, peas and olives. The halibut ear is cooked in vegetable stock: vegetables cooked in boiling salted water until half cooked, seasoning and fish. One minute before readiness, vegetables and leeks are added.
Grilled halibut is prepared according to the following recipe: the fish is grilled and poured over the boiled wine marinade or the fish is grilled with tomatoes under a mayonnaise mixture. It is also recommended to prepare halibut steak or halibut shish kebab: The fish fillet is marinated, strung on skewers interspersed with mushrooms and vegetables and fried. Halibut is recommended as follows: the fish is lightly rubbed with vegetable oil and sprinkled with a mixture of salt and sugar. Ready in one day. This is a quick way to salt fish. You can store halibut for a longer period to make smoked halibut: halibut is sprinkled with a mixture of salt and sugar. Kept a day at room temperature. Turns periodically. Then moved to a cold place for 2 days. Brine is served and served on the table. For cooking, fish fillets are pre-sprinkled with spices, then marinated in a soy sauce mixture with sugar, cloves, vinegar and butter. Fish with bacon, mushrooms and green onions are cooked.
Halibut is an expensive fish with healthy ingredients. Have you tasted it? Just try a halibut recipe!
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