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20 Super Smart Foods
Monday, 01 September 2008

Do you want to become smarter? There is nothing easier:) You just should eat more... smart foods. Yes! Everything is as simple as that. So, what's on the menu today?

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1. Avocado


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You need to buy Dark Chocolate - lowest prices ever.

2. Blueberries


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This is a must-have in your menu: blueberries are the smartest food on the Earth! They reduce Alzheimer's risk, improve your learning and motor skills and work as a powerful anti-stress food!

3. Wild Salmon

wild salmon

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It improves your memory, alertness, your mood, reduce anxiety and depression! Sounds cool! But do not go crazy with it - eat small portions no more than twice a week!

4. Nuts


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Yum! One of my favs (after chocolate). Choose the organic ones if you need an immediate energy boost.

5. Seeds


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Full of proteins, beneficial fats and delicious taste this organic food can give you lots of smart energy!

6. Coffee


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Yes! This aroma drink is good for your brain! It stimulates your brain activity, but be careful - do not overdose!

7. Oatmeal


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We all are aware of benefits of whole grains - so, please do not forget to add this item to your breakfast menu!

8. Beans


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Cheap amazing food for your brain! Lots of vitamins, fiber, proteins only in few bucks! But do not eat too much - cause you can easily get few extra "cheap" kilos.

9. Pomegranate


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You get a "crazy" amount of antioxidants with this one, but it's a seasonal fruit , so eat grapes, cherries and blueberries if you can't get this one

10. Brown Rice

brown rice

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An excellent food to sharpen your brain! Super healthy and yummy!



11. Tea


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Great source of antioxidants - but of a caffeine as well - so you dose should not be more then 2-3 cups a day.

12. Chocolate


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This is my Sweet Lover. Yes and a brain booster as well, loaded with antioxidants and a perfect amount of caffeine. Also it makes you happy because of serotonin and a delicious taste;) But again, do not eat too much - cause it can make you fat easily...

13. Oysters


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Eco-friendly sea food that can easily improve your mood and cognition! Eat up! BTW, don't forget that oysters are also powerful aphrodisiacs! Eat Up!!!;)


14. Olive Oil

olive oil

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One of the healthiest fats! Do not miss this!

15. Tuna


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Great source of B-vitamins that help you to improve your memory and cognition.

16. Garlic


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It reduces bad cholesterol, improves your cardiovascular system, contains lots of antioxidants, protects your brain and has a terrible smell:) Do not "get smart" with help of garlic before your date;)

17. Eggs


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Eggs contain proteins and give an amazing energy boost for your brain for hours.

18. Green Leafy Vegetables

green leafy vegetables

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Healthy, tasty, must-have item in every menu. Green organic leaves can improve your organism health easily, and your brain power as well.

19. Tomatoes


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The natural source of lycopene, that protects your brain with help of antioxidants. Enjoy these red juicy veggies!

20. Cacao nibs

cacao nibs

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One more time chocolate! It's the best!!! What can I do:) This is my love:)

Eat smart and get even smarter! Bon Appetit!

Thanks Ecosalon for the great idea:)


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