The Simple Ways To Save You From Acne

Acne is a popular skin condition that affects about 85% of the world population at some point in their lives. This skin ailment occurs mainly during puberty and is a source of concern for most teenagers and some adults alike. The presence of acne is known through the appearance of some eruptions on the skin either singly or in clusters. These eruptions are popularly known as zits or pimples and can vary in color from light brown or red to black. Those who regularly use steroids such as primobolan or any kind of performance enhancing drugs, can have a bad impact on the skin, as they are also more prone...

Simple ways to save from acne



Acne is a skin condition that is more prevalent in western countries, especially in the Americas and Europe mainly because they are more genetically engineered to develop the condition. However, in spite of the geographical distribution of this skin condition, women are more prone to it and suffer more from acne than men everywhere in the world. One major relief offered by this skin condition is that it often goes with puberty except in some exceptional cases where it extends to adulthood.


Causes of Acne

Acne is a sign that something is different about your body. This could be due to hormonal changes or facial skin health. An impurity in the blood can also express itself as acne since an impure blood will task the sebaceous gland harder to eliminate waste from the blood. When sweat gland is hyperactive, it can lead to acne.
Hormonal imbalance causes acne especially during puberty when the hormones are running high for the first time. The hormonal changes in the body during puberty are not only constant, they are also drastic.
The reason why women suffer more from acne than men is because of their menstrual cycle which not only aids hormonal imbalance but also each menstrual cycle can lead to fresh acne attack if adequate care is not taken.
Those who regularly use steroids are also more prone to acne because the steroids cause a surge in the level of hormones in the body. In some cases, acne can be a direct side effect of some steroids.
It is important to maintain a high level of personal hygiene. Even if you are not vulnerable to an acne attack, it is advisable to maintain an impeccable level of personal hygiene but if you are in your puberty period or you are prone to have acne, it is a must that you maintain a clean hygiene at all times especially of the face and other areas that are prone to acne attack. People who neglect to care for their bodies accumulate dead skin cells which cause blockage of skin pores and result in clogging of these pores. Bacteria then acts on the dead skin cells to form acne and if care isn’t taken and the condition continues, the attack can become aggravated.
There are other conditions that can cause acne especially some metabolic reactions. This includes indigestion, overconsumption of oily, fatty and processed foods, excessive libido, sexual starvation, anxiety and stress among many others.

Symptoms of Acne

Acne is generally known by the red blotches that appear on some parts of the body depending on the affected person. For some people, the zits may appear on some parts of the face namely the forehead, cheeks and nose. On some people, it may appear on the chest, arm or the back while for some severe cases, it may appear in a combination of some or all of these places.
When the eruptions appear on the skin, they can go in a matter of days without any treatment for some people but that isn’t the case for most people. It is important not to pick on the pimples otherwise; they can develop pus and grow bigger in size.
Often, the difference between the acne that leaves by itself and the one that requires treatment is the degree of severity. If your acne is stubborn, you should treat it immediately, but if you are sure it will disappear in a matter of days, you can leave it.

How Can Acne be Avoided?

In most cases, acne can’t be eliminated permanently. It can be healed at a particular point in time (Read: How to Get Rid of Acne Fast - 40 Best Acne Treatment For Face) but for the seasonal acne caused by hormonal imbalance, it is likely to occur again. But even then, there are many ways to prevent the acne from aggravating and to keep it at a minimum. Here are practical steps you can take to avoid acne:
Maintain a good Hygiene
General hygiene is important but if you are prone to acne, it is pivotal, especially facial hygiene. You can ensure your face is clean at all times by washing your face at least three times a day. Use lemon or exfoliating soap or anything else that is mild. Whenever you return from an outing, ensure you wash your face. Moisturize your face after washing with non oil-based moisturizer and your skin will thank you.
Maintain a healthy diet
Your body is a direct product of what you eat. Oily, fatty and processed foods will aggravate an acne attack while fruits and vegetables that have high water content will reduce your chances of getting acne. When you take foods that can’t be easily digested, acne cases can also be aggravated.

Be happy
Stay stress and worry free and you will be on your merry way to being acne-free. Stress and anxiety can lead to acne as it releases more hormones but happiness will keep your skin healthy.

How Can Acne Be Reduced?

There are many household remedies that can be used to reduce acne:
  • Mustard seed and Cow’s Milk - Apply every night on the affected areas till it disappears.
  • Buttermilk – Apply on affected regions till it disappears
  • Nutmeg and Sandalwood – mix both in water and apply on the affected area
  • Neem fruit pulp - Mix in water and rub the water on the face
  • Thorn paste and milk – Use for three consecutive nights to reduce eruptions
  • Orange peels – make a paste and rub on affected parts
  • Indian plum and Jambola - squeeze in water and rub paste on affected parts



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