What to Look for When Buying a Quality Grill

 A grill is the perfect outdoor cooking tool. It’s what makes possible fantastic summer cookouts and backyard barbeques with mouthwatering, perfectly seared steaks and burgers.


 Unfortunately, grills also can have a short lifespan and malfunction easily when made with less than quality materials or with a poor design.

There are high-quality options available that will reliably last a decade or more with proper maintenance. To find these, however, you have to know what to look for during your hunt for the perfect grill. Here are a few tips on how to navigate between quality grills and worthless fails and how to find one that best suits your outdoor cooking needs.

1.    Quality Rating

Not every grill has to be professional-grade to be quality. In fact, in the recently released guide to The Best Rated Gas Grills of 2019, personal home grills ranked just as high in quality as many professional options. There is a variety of factors that make a grill attain the marks of true quality, and it’s possible to find one that is still affordable for the average homeowner. Checking out the quality rating from review sites and real consumers is the first step on your hunt. 

2.    Gas or Charcoal

You also have to determine whether you prefer a gas or a charcoal grill. The charcoal is a classic and leaves your food with a smoky flavor that cannot be imitated. The gas is nice because it is easier to maintain the temperature. The gas also will warm up much faster than the charcoal.

The choice is yours, but it must be made before determining the other factors.

3.    Size

How large of a grill do you need? Do you want to cook burgers for the entire softball team or your extended family at the family reunion? Or do your needs only mean feeding your immediate family?

There are grills where you can fit thirty hamburger patties all at once, but if you do not need that large of a rack, then scale down. It will leave you with a lot more cash in your pocket than the super-sized option.
4.    Materials

Many grills are built with stainless steel to prevent rust. However, the issue is that though they advertise “stainless steel”, many brands only mean the exterior is stainless steel. This means the inside begins to corrode and break down much faster than the outside.

Some grills are stainless steel inside and out, which will allow them to last longer with less maintenance from the owner. These do come at a higher cost, but the payoff in the end for the quality makes it well worth it.

5.    Heat

The final aspect to keep in mind is how much heat do you want. Do you want that picture-perfect seared finish to your steak, or do you care more about how it is cooked throughout? You can achieve both desires with many grills, but some vary in their highest temperature.

The higher the temperature means you will be able to sear the meat much faster and easier than at a lower temperature. The lower temperatures may end up cooking your meat longer than you desire to get that same seared finish.

If you like your steak rare, you need to look into options with a broader temperature range.

When searching for a new grill, keep these tips in mind and compare the prices. You will find that some options are well suited for your taste and needs and actually do fall within a range you can afford.

Definitely do some research before buying your next grill. Consider what will best suit you, how long it will last you, and how much you are willing to invest in the ultimate backyard grilling experience.
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