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10 Common Childhood Illnesses and Their Treatments
Friday, 16 April 2021

We all remember being sick at different points in our life. Especially during childhood. This is because small children are more prone to illnesses as their immune system is not strong enough. However, they caused everyone the same amount of tension as they do now. If you are a new parent or know a baby, you should be aware of at least those illnesses and treatments that are common during childhood. Chiropractic treatment is one of the most common ways to treat such illnesses. Mentioned below are some common childhood illnesses and their treatments.

Common Cold

This is not only common during childhood but it is common throughout life as well. If your child has a blocked or runny nose along with watery eyes, he/she is most probably suffering from a common cold. A child could also have a running fever if the body temperature is hot. Common colds can be easily cured through home remedies. They should always have a tissue with them. Hydration is an important thing. If the problem still exists, take him/her immediately to a doctor.

Stomach Flu

Some common symptoms of stomach flu are vomiting, nausea, smelly stools, etc. It can be due to various reasons. Changing weather, unhealthy diet, lack of nutrients, formation of acid, etc., are some common reasons. The most common treatment used by chiropractic care professionals and other doctors is keeping the child hydrated and offering him medicines that will help remove toxic gases from the stomach. You should keep your child away from crowded places as this illness is contagious.

HFM Disease

This disease can be diagnosed through rashes or blisters that may occur in the hands, feet, or mouth of the child. These rashes and blisters can spread to other parts of the body and cause irritation. A professional should be recommended to as soon as possible to provide proper medications to the child. Doctors will advise the parents to keep their child away from other people and provide him with soft food. Also, scratching should be avoided. Appropriate medicines and injections are given to the child by the doctor.


The airways of the lungs also get easily infected due to harmful substances that are breathed in. This can cause bronchitis. One should ensure that their child is taking in clean and healthy air. Going out while the weather is too hot, cold, or humid is not a good idea. If your child is making wheezing sounds while breathing, he/she is likely to be suffering from bronchitis. Chiropractic treatment can ensure the clearance of the airways of the lungs. Professional doctors dealing with this also provide different medications. The most important treatment includes keeping the child hydrated.


This disease occurs most commonly if there are other people in the bloodline who have suffered the same. This is not infectious. However, it can be extremely painful as the itchy rashes on the face, trunk, and child’s limbs are irritating and can also swell. Consulting the doctor immediately is the best idea to avoid further complications. Various treatments like different physical therapies and medications are given to cure it. Also, keeping the skin moisturized is an important part of the treatment.


It is another common childhood illness. A child’s airways are always sensitive and inflamed in case he has asthma. If your child is continuously facing problems while breathing, contacting a doctor is necessary. The most common treatment for asthma is using an inhaler. Keeping an inhaler with an asthmatic child is extremely important. Chiropractic care has proved to be immensely helpful for decreasing the problems of asthma. You should refer to a doctor regularly.

Chicken Pox

If your child has a fever, and itchy rashes or spots on his body parts, consult a doctor immediately. Chickenpox rashes convert into blisters. They may also leave blisters if they are scratched or infected. To avoid this, referring to a doctor is extremely necessary. It is a mild disease and is common amongst many children. However, proper treatments and medicines are required to ensure that it is treated. So, referring a doctor is extremely necessary.


Some common symptoms of constipation are hard stools, hard abdomen, crankiness, discomfort, low stool levels, etc. This is not a common illness in infants. However, with toddlers and other children, it is a common illness. This is because their eating habits depend a lot on their mood. To relieve your child from pain, contacting a doctor is the best way. Chiropractic treatment is also beneficial to ensure healthy eating for your children.

Febrile Seizures

These seizures can turn into something serious if not treated at the proper time. Some common symptoms are turning stiff, becoming unconscious, falling down suddenly, having jerky arms and legs, etc. One should not interfere in the middle of the seizure. The child should be kept at rest while he is suffering from a seizure. To prevent choking, ensure that you are not forcing anything on the child. Refer to a doctor for professional help. They will provide appropriate measures and therapies to help control the seizures.


There are various things a child can be allergic to. Some of the most common things children allergic to are pollen grains, wheat, smoke, dust, etc. However, allergies can also turn into something. Allergies are also common symptoms for various other illnesses like eczema, ear infections, etc. Proper remedies should be ensured at home to avoid the onset of allergies. Help from professionals should be sought to ensure proper medications and therapies to avoid allergies.
These are some of the common childhood illnesses and their treatments. These are extremely common and almost every child suffers through them at one or the other point in their time. Their immune system is not strong enough to fight against such viruses and bacteria. So, proper chiropractic care should be ensured from the start. Regular health check-ups should be conducted to ensure that the child is safe. Proper treatments and vaccines should also be given at the time of birth. All these precautions and regular visits to the doctor will help keep a child safe from illnesses.

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