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10 Ways to use Baby Wipes at your Home
Saturday, 10 March 2018

 Baby wipes, you may already know, are purposefully made to clean up a baby's mess. Parents keep them around to do these cleanups.But surprise! Surprise!Baby wipes also serve as a handy household all-purpose item. Yes! You can use baby wipes for just about everything in your home. Baby wipes have disinfectant properties and pick out just about everything, rendering them a worthwhile cleaning item around your house.

 By the time you finish reading this article, you will be wondering where they have been all along! Don’t believe me? Read On

1. Removing makeup

Baby wipes are an inexpensive way to remove makeup either from your face, bedsheets or clothes. Baby wipes are really friendly to the skin and are not irritating as most make-up removers. They quickly dissolve makeup and you can use them to remove excess mascara and foundations.

2. Removing carpet spills

Carpet spills can turn out to be a real pain especially when someone spills red wine or maybe coffee. Don’t freak out yet. Baby wipes can clean up the mess in minutes leaving your carpets flawless. Just place the baby wipe on the stain and press over using a towel and watch wonders unfold!

3. Flyaways

Baby wipes can also be a great item to tame wild and unruly flyaway hair. Next time your hair gets a bit wild due to maybe the winds, just swipe a baby wipe over the hair to keep it calm.

4. Cleaning Bathroom surfaces

For a quick and cheap cleanup of your bathroom surface, use baby wipes. They will leave sink taps and bathtubs all shiny.

5. Removing Deodorant Sprays

Deodorant spray marks can be quite frustrating and cause unwarranted tension and attention. Baby wipes can be used to easily wipe the deodorant residue on your clothes leaving them as fresh and nice as can be.

6. Scenting drawers and Wardrobes

If you would want to give your clothes or drawers a desirable fresh scent, you can add a few drops of your favorite oils to the baby wipes and place them in the drawers and wardrobes for that desirable scent.

7. Clean and Disinfect your appliances

Baby wipes can serve as a quick disinfectant for you household appliances like remote controls, keyboards without harming the appliances. Baby wipes can also be used to clean CDs and DVDs. You can still use them to disinfect the baby's toys.

8. Cleaning pets

Baby wipes can also serve as an essential cleaning tool for home pets and are a good hair magnet, catching all the hair that is about to fall off. It can also be used to clean dirty and muddy pet paws.

9. Cleaning houseplants

Baby wipes can be used to clean off dirt and dust from houseplants making your plants look fresh and shiny!

10. Removing grease from pans

If you ever get grease spots on your pan or utensils, before placing them in the dishwasher, wipe them with baby wipes to degrease the utensils. It is a lifesaver!
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