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3 "Healthy" Foods that Could Actually be Bad for You
Wednesday, 25 November 2020

A lot of what we know about nutrition comes from marketing and the food pyramid. There’s even evidence to show that it has been corrupted by various industries, and is now more about good lobbying than actual science. This has led us to have all sorts of false ideas about food in general.

One is the idea that low-fat or low-calorie items are always better for you. The food industry understands this and knows how to capitalize on food trends. They will do all that it takes for their product to retain the same qualities, however, but that usually means replacing the fat or sugar with something that is just as unhealthy or worse. Then there are foods that we just assume are good for us, but aren't. Let's take a look at a few seemingly healthy foods that could actually be bad for you.

Natural Fruit Juices

Some people will see ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ on a juice bottle and automatically think that it’ll be good for them. But these are absolute sugar bombs. As a matter of fact, some fruit juices contain more sugar than your average soda. Not only that, but fruits lose a lot of their nutrients during the juicing process, especially fiber.
If you want a refreshing drink that will also be nutritious but with half the sugar, learn how to make smoothies instead. Don’t be afraid of green drinks either. A broccoli and pineapple smoothie might sound weird at first, but it will taste delicious and give you the nutrients of both. Learn how to do best green smoothie recipe for weight loss and how to implement it and you'll see instant benefits.
Liquid calories are something you should take very seriously. It's not uncommon for some to consume anywhere from 600 to 1000 calories in liquids only. Cutting this in half could allow you to lose as much as one pound per week, and this could easily be done by switching to healthy low-calorie options instead.


Yogurt can be good for you, but if you buy the regular flavored kind, then it probably has just as many calories as ice cream. You'll find flavored yogurts that will have as much as 25g of sugar per serving. This becomes even worse when we look at things like yogurt tubes or drinks catered to children.
Instead, buy your yogurt plain and add your own fruits and sweeteners to them. Not only will you know exactly what’s in there, but it’ll cost you less as well.

Trail Mix

Trail mix might seem like the quintessential health food, but it depends on what's in it. Stay away from those that contain rich chocolate and dried fruits. Dried fruit is very tricky because it doesn't contain the same amount of water but most of the calories, which can push you to overheat. So, stay away from high glycemic fruits like dried bananas and try to go for cranberries, dark chocolate, and healthy nuts instead.
These are just a few examples of foods people assume are good but could be detrimental to your health. So, make sure that you read beyond the surface and learn more about the food you put in your body.
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